The Insomniacs.

Last month saw the introduction of the PlayStation 3, Sony's first new game console in five years. Loaded with new hardware, including a Blu-ray optical disc player, a blazing-fast graphics card, and the nine-core Cell microprocessor, the PS3 has the horsepower to run the most complex and photo-realistic console games ever conceived. But despite all the careful engineering that goes into the hardware of a new game ­console, its fate really rests on whether the games it runs can draw an audience. To a great degree, maintaining Sony's top spot in the US $30 billion game industry rests with a small company called Insomniac Games, a star among the groups that have churned out a game in time for the launch of the PS3.

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death monk4365d ago

They need to stop calling that thing a 9-core CPU. It is really misleading.

miasma4365d ago

I like this article alot, it really got me excited about the possibilities of what's to come. Nice that the subject was explained in a down-to-earth way I (gamer, not programmer) could fully understand and appreciate. Yeah, if you are a developer, and want to fully utilize this type of hardware structure, it is basically a learning experience as you put the parts together. it's got to be exciting to be developing a game be able to add so much more detail and realism to the gaming experience. can't wait to see what comes about from developer in the next 1-2 years...

TheXgamerLive4365d ago

The article itself is very misleading. trying to assume your going to persieve the ps3 as the worlds most powerful processor and graphics gpu, when we already know better but for those not educated in "reality" I suppose they'll believe it.

It will, however be interesting to see if the ps3 will be able to overcome it's short commings w/the RSX and cell division on it's memory.

If a company like Insomniac will dedicate itself to doing it, then they just may pull it off. It will take alot of extra work to do it but I'd be interested to see if they can do it.

Marty83704365d ago

PS3 has Cell which is made up of 1 PPE which has 2 hardware threads(dual issue),then u have 7 SPE's which are are all cores.Its actually 8 core unless they count the PPE having 2 hardware threads.Which makes it 9 core.

eques judicii4365d ago

a core is a general processing element while an spu is a "symmetrical proccessing unit" these spu's are not cores, they are coprocessors which handle floating point and so are not referred to as cores.

simply.. a core is a processor that the entire OS (including applications and whatnot) could run on... the spu's cannot run an entire OS and and apps... so are not cores.

DJ4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

the SPEs can't run operating systems. It goes completely against the claim that one SPE is dedicated to running the PS3's OS. 9 Hardware threads on 8 cores; that's pretty damn sweet. Overall, the article was actually very accurate and shows that the decision to have two types of processors is actually beneficial. The SPEs outnumber the PPE 7:1 (in the PS3), and that actually reflects the computational needs of today's physics/AI/graphically intensive games.

Everything about the Cell processor comes down to timing, and the fact that it was designed with intense data parallelism in mind is evident in the structure of the chip. Having 3.2Ghz ram on a dedicated bandwidth line for the CPU was a great decision as well.

*Quick Explanation: If any of you are wondering why Sony split up the memory bandwidth of the PS3, it's so that the CPU and GPU don't fight over resources (RAM) and don't compete for bandwidth. It's double the performance of unified architecture with very little cost due to the blazingly fast FlexI/O connection between Cell and RSX.

Say a game requires more than 256 MB of graphics space for the RSX. That data can simply be pulled into XDR Memory instead of GDDR3 Memory, and worked on that way. Or the Cell CPU can do geometry/rendering tasks since the SPEs have some overlap with RSX capabilities, and simply composite those segments with the RSX later on. The upcoming title, Warhawk, actually does this.
----------------------------- ----
To answer something that Eques Judicii brought up: To say that the SPEs are not cores implies that they can't process data. If they can't process data, they're worthless pieces of silicon and alloy.

The SPEs are obviously Cores since videogames are running off of them. Yes, REAL videogames, haha. Hell, they even have Linux running on the PS3. I guess some people are still a little brainwashed by the false Microsoft document that basically says "Oh, the SPEs don't count. They can't run videogame code." It was a sad attempt to make the 360 look more powerful. Hell, even the site that posted it for Microsoft made fun of it 'cause it was so stupid.

eques judicii4364d ago

but they are not multipurpose processors... Linux is running off the main ppe not the spe's so your argument is still flawed

Retard4364d ago

All console processors are in-line processors, the Cell and Xenon are both in-line, meaning there basically nothing compared to PC out-of-line CPUs in computers.

You could agrue to the death about where and what runs the stupid OS, the 'Cell' is inline so it's order specific. SOO, if you're trying your best to explain it at least--by how computers work; I think your mistaken... These CPUs are more like P1s they can't take any 'random' task, this is what makes them look so good on paper.

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