The Real Differences Between The PS4 And Xbox One Are The Games - Developer

Alex Golebiowski of PixelNAUTS, who is currently working on developing Lost Orbit has shared his views on the differences between the PS4 and Xbox One.

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WelkinCole1403d ago

And the hardware/software tools they work with directly affects their work.

i.e. PS4 and x1 hardware difference has a big role.

3-4-51403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

PC,Wii U,XB1,PS4,3DS,New 3DS XL, Vita....They are all great for playing games on.

So is the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1,2&3, OG Xbox, Xbox 360 ect....

They are all good gaming systems, all with their own great selection of games.

* Don't let the media trick you into some douchey console war, and get you to hate each other.

joab7771403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

True. B/c of that, I'm glad I got a PS4 first for Bloodborne, The Order, Persona 5, and U4. Those are must plays for me. Ive also been able to play DCUO (too expensive though) and FF14 (amazing game).And The Witcher 3 will play great too on it.

I actually think I'd prefer a WiiU second seeing Xenoblade Chronicles 10 coming.

ninsigma1403d ago

Couldn't agree more. I used to be a sucker for the "console war" on the Sony side of things (though I have owned all xbox consoles at some point or other) and this gen I was like, ya know what?? I'll get an xbox as well, they've got some nice games comin out. Then I thought, sure for a different kind of experience I'll get the wii U. And over Christmas I decided to build a mega gaming PC, so I did. I now have all three current gen consoles, a kick ass pc, ps3, vita and 3DSXL. So now I get to play any game I fancy, instead of seeing awesome games on stuff I don't have and pretending they're stupid and crap. Having multiple is quite liberating lol Though I know not everyone can/wants to get all consoles/PC so everyone just needs to choose the one that appeals the most to them and get on with it rather than go to war against each other over a machine. What I've come to realize about the gaming community as that we are an immensely passionate bunch about our hobby, and that's great! But sometimes I think people take it too far. And I totally agree with you that the media is trying to create a them and us so they have more articles to write rather than reporting on actual news. Instead of dividing the community, why not create articles about fewer known happenings in the industry like some nice looking smaller dev team games and give them a chance to be noticed by the community. It wasn't that long ago that gaming as a hobby was a really frowned upon hobby that was pathetic and anyone who played games was pathetic. That's changed now and it has become a much larger medium, but the sooner the community comes together to support the industry in the correct way, the sooner gaming can be taken even more seriously and we won't have idiot politicians and the likes, trying to drag gaming through the mud rather than focusing on actual real problems.

WelkinCole1403d ago


And they are from different generations with different hardware. What is your point?.

The fact that people now want to downplay the importance of hardware to games being made is quite hilarious.

The mere fact that this gen the PS4 is the preferred platform for most multi-plat gamers is due mainly to its superior hardware that multiplat-devs were able to get more out of it. Again hardware difference matters.

However lets continue to pretend that it does not matter lol!.

Cindy-rella1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

There are big differences between these consoles other than just games. The features and hardware power along with there services are very different as well. I already know that developers dont want to highlight differences between the consoles especially when they are multiplatform developers because they dont want to alienate certain fan base who might not like what they say . whenever developers talk about power differences between the consoles, a lot of the fan base for the weaker console normal try to invalidate the developers statement as falsehood and most wont want to support the development team or games.

The games and hardware specifications clearly shows ps4 is more powerful but developers avoid that topic like the plague.

If people didnt care about hardware power we would still be playing on last gen hardware. If people didn't care about hardware power then Xbox one fanatical fans wouldn't flock to dx12 articles like the software is some saving grace that will increase the power of the Xbox one which they know is weaker than ps4. A lot of Xbox one fans dont care about specs and some care about specs but accepts that its weaker than ps4

GameNameFame1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

I have both consoles, but dont have Xbl gold sub.

Nothing wrong with owning both consoles. They both have its advantages, weakness and different exclusives.

PS4 has just superior hardware. X1 has better multimedia features and soon to be Windows 10.

What I dont get is the desperate fans believing in straw grabs that MS themselves shot down.

Accept its weakness and embrace its strength. Not go on pathetic denials.


Well said bubble for you sir... All three companies ( Sony,MS,Nintendo ) have made really dumb decisions concerning their respective consoles... It's the media/dumbass fanboys that are making hills into freaking rocky mountains... All that should matter to us, the players, is the games that you want to play... The only thing we should bitch about period is if the devs/publishers put out buggy, unplayable games... There are a few games this gen that have screwed up so far but one thing that is fact is it doesn't matter what damn system it's on... I mean you'd have to be a moron to think ACUor BF4 is screwed up because it's on the PS4 or X1 console...

Take 3-4-5's words to heart because it's FACT.... To put it bluntly... Just STFU and enjoy the damn games you like... Simple as that... Back to playing games.

XBLSkull1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )


This shows why AC:Unity performed better on the Xbox One, a CPU bottleneck exists just as the developer stated and the XB1 has a more powerful one. Games that are CPU limited will be better on the Xbox One. If a game isn't CPU limited it'll be better on PS4.

Additionally, a bar graph that shows units of value with an unknown label doesn't tell you anything. This could be the cost of components for all we know. It's anything you want it to be. Also shows PS3 having a value of almost 3x that of the X360, while the 360 dominated in the graphical department and most multiplatform games performed better on it as well.

jebabcock1402d ago

I think 3-4-5 is being at least slightly arrogant. Most cannot afford to purchase all consoles and maintain a Gaming PC. For them it is a tough decision that has to be made every generation. That is what they will choose for their medium...

The "console war" exists because the question is repeatedly asked by those who have to make a tough decision. Some people do develop loyalties to companies, it is no different than with any other product. If you like a company and what it provides and are satisfied, you tend to continue to stick with that company. That isn't being a fanboy... Brand loyalty is common in every market, its how companies become stable. They get customers to commit to them and then keep their loyaly by producing products that continue to meet the expectations of those customers.

Also, If I am happy with what I'm being provided, I want the company providing it to succeed and grow because that expands what that company will be able to provide me. That isn't being a fanboy, its common sense... Anyone who has a SHRED of understanding of how business works should be able to make sense of this.

Some of the most unintelligent comments I have seen on here, are people who try to discourage others from indicating any support for either console and just pretend that there is complete equality between two or 3 fairly dissimilar things... The truth is, They aren't the same. Additionally Marketshare does determine 3rd party exclusives and budgets for first party exclusives. Sales of a New IP completely determines whether additional iterations of that IP will be considered... Its all about how many people support it with THEIR MONEY as well as their mouth. But as the Hardcore gaming community, we make those decisions that other gamers will typically follow suit on. I would say we are unique in that we are more empowered than probably even the media to encourage or dissuade people from making a purchase.

That having been said, it is important that we all express our opinions. We just need to try to do it in a more respectful nature.. It isn't bad , and/or nasty to others in your efforts to win people over.

I have a love for nintendo and sony products. I have no qualms about saying it. I have a very bittersweet relationship with MS.. Honestly it is all defined by my observations and experiences with their products over the past 3 decades though and how these companies have met my own desires and expectations. I suspect with how many unique people we have in these forums people have had wildly different experiences. We learn from hearing the opinions of others especially those whose opinions differ from ours. It actually can make us better more informed people. I have no problems stating my opinion. I shouldn't be criticized for it nor should anyone so long as they can hold on to some reasonable level of respect.. We are fortunate to have options and choices. N4G is a great Idea. But it is good or bad Only based on its userbase and how they handle themselves..

DLConspiracy1402d ago

Well said man. I wish more gamers had this point of view. Owning numerous consoles and ways to play games opens your mind to understanding this. Bubble up.

This isn't about putting down gamers because they choose a different way to play than you. Its about gaming. If your sole purpose is to go online and make people feel like crap for enjoying something then you are not supporting the community that you belong to. You have become a corporate marketing puppet.

GameNameFame1402d ago


The whole presentation was how small and unimportant the cpu differences were if you just use gpgpu to offload work from cpu with multithreading

LOL so yea. What you said... nope.

Not even close. Nice desperate try though

alabtrosMyster1402d ago

Only once a generation is over will some people be willing to cross the lines and experiment the good titles found on the other side...

I think this one is particular mainly because most big titles are available on both the PS4 and XB1, they're the titles that got the best reception on either of them so far (how many excluaives were even seriously considered for game of the year in 2014?) Now most of the time the PS4 version was and still is the better choice, the console that performed worse was sold at an higher price at first and many people just refuse to see it...

So we end up with two monologues, people talking about "next gen gameplay" or other non sense...

gamerfan1281402d ago

@ac unity

AC Unity runs the same on PS4 and Xbox after the latest patches. Framerate was heavily improved on PS4.

ilikepizza1402d ago

GameNameFame will need a whole new name soon soon. In every single article "ms shot it down 5 times" "straw grabbing" lol he is terrified of direct x12. Keep in my mind Microsoft do not need direct x12 I have a ton of exclusives that run on something like direct x9, the Xbox one has been about the game all since it launched so I could careless about secret sauce speculation. That said, you know damn well the Xbox one was built with direct x12 in mind. That dumb graph chart you keep spamming is pointless. It's just like people who used benchmarking for android phones when the test only recognized single core phones and they are running quad phones on it. You cannot run an Xbox and a ps4 on the same type of benchmark test, well you can buy the results will be one sided. Trying running a direct x benchmark test on ps4, anyways I'm excited to see him damage control the conference at gdc. Halo 5 looked great and played great at 720p if they do anything more with that (which they will) I'm beyond happy.

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All_Consoles1403d ago

Which is why wiiu has the best exclusives now, because they have to sell the console off of games instead of numbers

Adrian_v011402d ago

My favorite games are still from the PS2 era. Awesome hardware =/= good games. Just sayin. Don't be a fanboy, you're missing out.

slappy5081402d ago

@XBLSkull, yet The Witcher 3, which has the RED Engine which is notoriously heavy on CPU, is running on the higher resolution on PS4. Bottomline is the CPU does calculations, the Video card is responsible for the resource intensive graphics, the XBox's graphics card is weaker so you're not going to see any multiplat games perform better on Xbox one, period (unless it's lazy Ubisoft dev that dont optimise for each platform like we saw for Unity)

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Donjune1403d ago

I have both systems and I concur to the fullest!

NoctisPendragon1403d ago

The have 1 thing excalty the same , the fan boys.
It's a good start.

johndoe112111403d ago

Yep, those hardware specs don't really matter this gen. I'm sure devs can't tell the difference in hardware between two systems unless they develop games for them. It's impossible to tell the difference even if you have the specs given to you on paper. Don't even know why companies like nvidia even give out hardware specs when they release a new video card. They should tell everyone to not bother buying the better cards because you can play the same games on the older ones. By the way \

dcj05241403d ago

Lol, seriously though both the new console are lagging in terms of hardware (2012 hardware at best) so it's not going to be about super cutting edge graphics it's gonna be about the games

marlinfan101403d ago

were barely out of the first year and DC, the order, and ryse have some of the best graphics ive ever seen. i think ill be alright with the hardware for a while.

DarXyde1403d ago

Considering they came out in 2013, I'd say, if you're right that it's 2012 at best, they're only a year behind their time.

I don't view this as a bad thing.

Volkama1403d ago

Nothing see here. Just an innocent dev trying his best to provide some kind of answer to a GamingBait question.

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