The Big Interview: AMD's Robert Hallock On Mantle, DirectX 12, PS4/Xbox One, Free-Sync And More

AMD started off a revolution of sorts with its next generation graphics API, the Mantle.

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Dudebro901372d ago

If this interview was done by anyone other than gaming bolt id read it, but I can't even trust that they wrote down his responses truthfully.

GameNameFame1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Love this talk of X1 and DX12 when Spencer himself shot it down saying it wont be dramatic.

All those benefits/benchmark are said to come to PC, not one MS engineer said it was for X1.

DX12 is giving what consoles have already to PC.

Don't believe me? You say API that multithread dont exist on consoles?

boom. There you go. It does exist. It has been in works.

And already been talked about in GDC. This one is by Ubisoft.

Note: both source calls out PS4 or X1. Not these desperate DX12 rumors that uses PC slides PC source as X1.

christocolus1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )


Give it a rest already and honestly you are beginning to sound like a broken record. You never show up in other threads only those which have to do with dx12 and you are always there spouting the same old BS.downplaying the Api and its importance to Xbox one.constantly using Phils comment as your weapon. Dude try other topics for once. Dramatic or not its going to benefit the Xbox one.....Deal with it Gamenamefame.

1371d ago
Immorals1372d ago

The interview is a lie!

TheXgamerLive1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Are Sony fans really that jealous of The Xbox One? Yes DX12 is also for the XB1, yes you will see a difference, yes multiplatform game will still look the same. Exclusives will rise above but YES still both consoles will make beautiful games. STFU and move along damn Sony pony's can't go a second without crying about MS and Xbox. Guess what I don't go to PS articles BC I don't give a sh#t about ANYTHING Sony related. I know this post is for both but it becomes anti MS BC of you fangirls.
Seriously, what's wrong with you. Move on and happily talk about your fav Sony game. This goes for Xbox fans that do the same, Sony has a great console as well. Let them enjoy it without your bad mouthing all things Sony.

Getting out my Sega Dreamcast and playing Wacky Races. Best racing game ever imho.

classic191371d ago

ps4 will always be stronger though facts.. that said xbox is the best box lolol puff puff gas

DougLord1372d ago

Rashid Sayed: In my opinion, AMD is in a better position than its competitor and that is primarily due to your 100% share of the console market.

hahaha haha. AMD is practically bankrupt. Nvidia and intel Are Minting $$.

TheCommentator1372d ago

True, but Nvidia has been making a lot of mistakes lately that are tarnishing its reputation. AMD has guaranteed sales in consoles so things could turn around pretty fast if Nvidia continues to piss off PC owners with things like over-promised specs and removing overclocking from existing cards.

N4g_null1372d ago

Nope AMD still doesn't have a reason for me to not get a tesla k80 for rendering those nice cut scenes gamers love. AMD may sell more to but intel's chips are crushing them on the cpu side also. There is no comparison if you can afford a pc.

TheCommentator1372d ago

It was mildly informative but I was hoping to hear more about the capabilities of the consoles respective to their differences in design and execution. Oh well, gdc is just a few weeks away.

yarbie10001372d ago

:Question: Talking about CPUs, AMD had done its fair share of work in that field. CPUs are still using DDR3 memory whereas GPUs are already on GDDR5, which obviously results into performance and bandwidth bottlenecks. Do you think with the adoption of DDR4, this can be resolved?

Robert Hallock: I do not believe DDR3 memory presents any sort of bottleneck to a modern graphics card. CPU-bound scaling is a function of the game’s API calls on the producer thread vs. the CPU’s ability to prepare those calls in the command buffer for the GPU’s consumer thread. Memory doesn’t play much of a role there."

"Question: There will be no new CPU architecture from AMD till 2016. The CPU evolution hasn’t been able to keep up with the GPU and this will further slow down the process. What are your thoughts on this?

Robert Hallock: I think that smart software, empowered with the ability to properly utilize multi-core CPUs, is making a big difference in the competitive landscape."

Bigpappy1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

In other words: Forget about memory! Its all about DX12 and Mantle if you are looking for the best performance.

This came from the ADM Blog linked in the article:
"Above all, Mantle will present developers with a powerful shortcut to DirectX® 12, as the lingual similarities between APIs will make it easy to port a Mantle-based render backend to a DirectX® 12-based one if needed or desired. In addition, Mantle developers that made the bold decision to support our historic API will be well-educated on the design principles DirectX® 12 also promises to leverage."

Seems like porting from Mantle to DX12 will be easy for developers. This could be a good solution for Sony to use on PS4. The only question then, is will the PS4 design fully support Mantle? Will the GPU be able to answer all those draw calls? Can't wait to hear what Sony's solution will be.

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