The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/17/2015

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London. 1886. In a Neo-Victorian landscape embroiled in political strife and otherworldly war, a small company of knights protects humanity from the Half-breed threat. But the kingdom’s enemies approach not only from without, but within, and Sir Galahad must endure yet further conflict in a centuries-long struggle. Welcome to The Order: 1886, out this Friday exclusively on PS4.

The Order: 1886 pushes the PS4 to new limits with some of the most painstakingly detailed visuals in gaming. Guide Sir Galahad through a battered kingdom and uncover dark secrets that threaten to poison the very people he fights to protect. This third-person shooter features life-like characters, exquisite motion capture performances, pulse-pounding action, and a stirring score to accompany Galahad’s quest.

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Relientk771374d ago

Finally The Order: 1886 is almost here

martinezjesus19931374d ago

It feels like forever since they first reveled it.

Relientk771374d ago

How long has it been a couple years? It's def been awhile

ArchangelMike1374d ago

I've got the day off on Friday. I just hope amaon get it to me on the day.

mezati991374d ago

Very exited for you guys to experience the order :)

DigitalRaptor1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

If you took 9 hours, I can imagine I'm probably going to take the same amount of time, if not longer. Your impressions have me seriously hyped.

Lots of people said The Last of Us was 12-15 hours, and I took almost 20 hours on that, and that was abnormally long for a linear action/adventure game.