Last chance to take advantage of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round preorder bonuses

With Dead or Alive 5 Last Round coming out on February 20, gamers have a last chance over the next couple of days to take advantage of the preorder bonuses.

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Yi-Long1398d ago

This game really shouldn't have ANY exclusive content/DLC any more with this release, but just offer the complete version to ALL customers.

All the DLC-milking of this game throughout these years has been THE reason why I haven't bought it, and now that it's still incomplete and will continue with the nickel-and-dime stuff, I certainly still won't be buying it for full price.

In a few months it will be around 20 bucks orso. Maybe I'll get it then. Perhaps I'll even go as far as to buy it 2nd hand, to make sure these greedy devs don't get a single cent from me.

Heyxyz1398d ago

I agree, if this is supposed to be the "definitive version" why are we STILL getting DLC!?

DualWielding1398d ago

I agree with you guys but to be fair to Team Ninja, this have more than twice as many costumes as the complete versions of Street Fighter or Tekken... I did want a complete version but I can live with this version as long as the extra DLC is only costumes... I'll get mad if they release additional DLC characters though

ChrisW1397d ago

DLC shouldn't be just costumes. It takes half a day for an artist to create a costume and then have the devs program it in. And many of the "DLC" costumes were already conceived back when they were first starting development.

What we should get with "each" DLC, at minimum, is a couple new stages, a new character or two, and then lastly (and least important) some costumes... Especially for the price that they ask for.

SIGH, long gone are those days where the "C" in DLC was really worthy "content"

Baka-akaB1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Long gone ? DLC started with a reskin for a horse . Worthy dlc as always been scarce and rare , wich is why some many of us were against it from the onset . And now today is the future the majority chose ... it's a bit too late .

And personally i'm glad in this instance that it's only worthless costume crap and nothing necessary . If there is one thing that bugs me in fighting games , it's characters turned content for dlc , as it divides and fragment the pool of players

Baka-akaB1397d ago

As an addendum , if said character are later down the road additions ... no choice but to add them as dlc and/or add them to a repackage of the game .

But 95% of the time , it's content planned and held back and sold at outrageous costs such as 5.99 ... 7.99 or even sometimes 9.99 dollars PER characters .

I'll admit that the fighting fanatic that i am , grew tired and threw away my principles , as it no onger makes a difference .. so i do purchase those outrageous dlcs , unless its a character i truly dislike .... but it's not ok

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lnfiniteLoop1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

cancelled my pre-order for this very reason... it'll be incomplete and require more DLC purchases... and I cannot be arsed with it, especially with the quantity of DLC they chuck out for this game, let alone other fighting games... just sell me the complete game and be done with it...

JustInTlME1398d ago

I think I waited to long to order on best buy......bonuses are gone..... What the crap!

WizzroSupreme1398d ago

Who wants to bet that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round isn't the last round of DLC we'll see?