Weekly Game Release Highlights, February 16-22

This is the week that order gets restored in the alternate steampunk world of the 19th century. The long-awaited cinematic shooter The Order: 1886 arrives on PlayStation 4 this week. For those looking to go a little further back in time, there’s also Total War: Attila hitting this week. And everybody’s favorite pink puffball returns in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

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WizzroSupreme1399d ago

The Order will make or break my faith in Ready at Dawn. Fail or win, it's going to be the biggest cinematic game ever made and for such a small studio, it's worrying.

Snookies121399d ago

The game looks fine. Worst I see you're going to get out of it is an average 3rd Person Shooter with amazing graphics... Even with that, it seems like it's a safe bet to pick up.