Preview: Code Name STEAM (AYMG)

Announced behind closed doors at E3 last year, Code Name STEAM is an Intelligent Systems latest foray into the turn-based strategy genre, following success with the Fire Emblem franchise and Advance Wars. Instead of the typical top-down TBS style though, Intelligent Systems have opted for a third-person perspective, in similar vein to Valkyria Chronicles. It’s an odd shake-up to the tried and tested formula that has brought so much success for the Nintendo owned subsidiary.

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Takwin1399d ago

The demo is definitely fun, and Fire Emblem is one of my favorite games of all time on any system, but I will wait to see reviews before ordering. It's darn close to a definite preorder, and I have a lot of faith in Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, but I can wait a few days after release if it is awesome as it looks. The next Fire Emblem, however, I would preorder sight unseen.