Grand Theft Auto 5: Nvidia Is Possibly Getting Ready With A New GeForce Driver Update

There’s a bit of a conversation going on at the minute regarding Nvidia, producers of powerful PC gaming equipment and parts, and the upcoming port of Grand Theft Auto V which will be hitting PC’s this March 24th. The whole thing started when a GTA forum user posted an image with the text “Is your PC ready for Grand Theft Auto V?” alongside the “The way it’s meant to be played” which is the Nvidia tagline.

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jmd7491370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

My two overclocked Palit GTX 980's are ready for GTAV, Witcher 3 and any other game for the forseeable future. :)

Off now to pre-order The Order 1886 (PS4) Blackwater Edition...

C L O U D1370d ago

Still using the stock cooler on the 4790k...

Will unveil the new cooler just proir its release

MoeStedley1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Just did a build for my good friend yesterday. Threw in 4790k as well. I made my own pc early in June and grabbed the 4770k at the time. Now Im more than jelly at that 4790k!

C L O U D1369d ago


Yeah I did my build in June as well...I would've started it earlier but I was waiting for that i7 to come out and as soon as it did, I proceeded...

Yeah...its performance is great, just runs hot on stock cooling but who uses stock coolers on a K series right?

bumnut1369d ago

Why? Im running dual 780's with a 1st gen i7 950 and it still doesn't bottleneck. I doubt you will notice a difference as that processor is fast enough stock.

C L O U D1368d ago

It runs a bit too hot, computer has shutdown/crashed on me a couple times when gaming with demanding graphics, it has to be replaced eventually and I know GTA V would cook it like an oven

m1armor1370d ago

Bout to ugrade to one ^^ cant wait

crazychris41241370d ago

Waiting till next year for a new build but I am about to do a small upgrade to hold me over. Added new 16 GB 1866 of RAM, 256 GB SSD and another 1 TB HDD. My PC is still good, can run BF4 multiplayer med/high at 60 fps and The Crew at medium 60 fps. Hopefully I can run medium 60 fps in GTA 5.