Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain: Music Tracks, Spraying On Walls & More Info On MGO Before May

There has been some activity recently on the Metal Gear Solid Online’s official twitter feed recently with the social media channel being used to dole out information to inquisitive gamers. One Twitter user asked if players will have access to music tracks in Metal Gear Online, similar to how they do in previous iterations of the game.

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Yi-Long1372d ago

I wish they would just FINALLY answer the question if it will have the option for the original Japanese voices.

MisfitsInc1372d ago

the tagging would be pretty dope, like if you invade someone else's motherbase, you can leave your tag on their base to add insult to injury.

hkgamer1372d ago

i dont blame you for getting mixed up, the title of this article is misleading.

also other sites/journalists/reporters have done a piss poor job to explain the differences in mgo and phantom pain online mode.

this is talking about mgo the game that comes free with phantom pain which focuses on team pvp combat.

phantom pain online mode/ mother base thing is part of phantom pain and would be used for base invasions etc...

MisfitsInc1371d ago

how am i mixed up? i literally just restated the actual question in the article, for the people that aren't going to read the article.

WizzroSupreme1372d ago

May could be huge if The Witcher and MGS V both release then like I'm guessing.