Rumor: The Division on PS4 will run on a higher resolution than Xbox One

An interesting tweet appeared by Twitter user and Industry insider 'Tidux'. According to Tidux the PS4 version of Tom Clancy's 'The Division' will run on a higher resolution than its Xbox One counterpart.

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MrSwankSinatra1374d ago

do people still care about this whole resolution debacle?

Hellsvacancy1374d ago

If the XB1s version of The Division had higher resolution than the PS4s version it would matter all of a sudden

1374d ago
PoSTedUP1374d ago

because that would be ludicrous, the PS4 is better. no way the rez should be Lower than X1, nor should it be on par for parity sake. so yes it matters either way. i care, im the resolution police.

vishmarx1374d ago

the internet would go crazy if ps4 had the same res as xb1.
i cant even imagine what it would be like if xb1 had the better resolution.

its in ubi's best interest to cut the prity crap after what happened to them with unity.for their own sake.

Crimzon1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I'm not sure why anyone would anticipate The Division after how Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed turned out, I don't think for one second that the game will look anything like the original gameplay footage when it releases.

donman11374d ago

Yep it does... I am buying a next gen gaming console for superior gaming which includes improved graphics and not as a wanna be multimedia hub.

Graphics doesn't matter they say yet the same individuals ridicule the WiiU because it cannot put out the same visual fidelity as the XboxOne. For those people... you cannot have it both ways.

Septic1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Well that doesn't even make sense. The Xbox is weaker. It having a better resolution would be talked about for sure.

But at this stage, resolution is a big weapon in the fanboy/console war so it will continue to matter way after this generation is done and dusted.

And lol at Tidux. Surely the most objective of all insiders out there ;)

I expect The Division to run on a lower resolution for sure on the X1. It will be the case for most gfx intensive next gen titles.

Volkama1374d ago

@Vishmark "the internet would go crazy if ps4 had the same res as xb1."

The internet really wouldn't. A very vocal contingent of PS4 fanboys would get their panties in a twist, but fortunately those guys don't account for the entirety of the internet lol.

Cindy-rella1374d ago

Rumor : the division on ps4 will run on a higher resolution than xbox one. That is what should happen if the developers utilize each systems specs properly since the ps4 is way more powerful than the Xbox one.

theDivision1374d ago

Wish I could give you more than one agree. Honestly as long as the content for game is on all platforms equally I will be 100% happy.

mikeslemonade1374d ago

Long generation for you people who prefer X1. Atleast a few of you don't go into hiding.

Perjoss1374d ago

"If the XB1s version of The Division had higher resolution than the PS4s"

Yeah, that would never happen.

DLConspiracy1374d ago

Mostly because these articles comment sections are all about who can brag harder or who is a better gamer for choosing the more powerful $400 machine. Yet when PC guys come in and do it they get yelled at and hated for being the more powerful one. If graphics mattered that much nobody would be playing on consoles.

As long as the game plays I am pretty sure people can enjoy the game on all systems. Some just need reassurance some don't.

GameNameFame1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Resolution: it only doesnt matter if X1 is lower. If same or better, only thing that does matter.

Remember twitch briefly having better res on X1 before PS4 update?

LOl. that was hilarious.

otherZinc1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I see people around here still don't read articles........

Tidux, didn't say what the "Title" suggests he said.

If UBI Soft does use the strengths of the PS4 & XBOX ONE, we all know if it's a "Next-Gen Exclusive; The Division will be 1080p 60fps, have Campaign Co-op, with a Horde Mode (like) feature. The PS4 version would be 1080p 30fps, "No" Campaign Co-op, and "No" Horde Mode (like) feature.

We know this because the PS4 has zero 1080p 60fps AAA Next-gen Only games running 1080p 60fps, and none on the way in 2015. Not The Order 1886, Blood Born, nor Uncharted 4...not even the great Naughty Dog can make Uncharted 4 reach 1080p 60fps.

Fable Legends, Forza Motorsport 6, and Halo 5 will be 1080p 60fps Locked;in 2015!

antz11041374d ago

Because that's the best argument:

"Well if it was the other way around you'd be doing it, so it's ok."

Lol whatever, honestly ppl care way too much about resolution on either system around here. The percentage one system has an edge over the other is minuscule at best on most multiplats.

dcbronco1374d ago

All of this resolution talk is kind of old. The real potential issue is whether or not the Division will be a DX12 game. There were issues on PS4 with Unity when there were a lot of NPCs on the screen. If this is a DX12 game, the increase in CPU will allow for much better gameplay on the Xbox. So if Microsoft is in fact pushing Ubisoft, I bet it's about pushing that CPU for AI and more happening on screen. Because despite 900p the Xbox version should show a lot more than the PS4 version if Ubisoft has really made an effort to use the full ability of each console individually. Almost indistinguishable graphics aside, the Xbox One version should really be the one that shines with a DX12 PC version having it all.

user55757081374d ago

well had microsoft just created a piece of hardware designed for gaming rather than everything else then maybe this resolution nonsense wouldn't even be an issue

PandaExpress1374d ago

@DLConspiracy theres a reason why its called console war. Because its between concoles. Its not called Video game system war ok. so pc is not part of it ok? now you learned

modelgod1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

You get a disagree for that dumb as s comment because we all know how powerful the ps4 is so if the resolution was higher on the x1, we'll all be wondering why. This debate is getting ridiculous. Ps4 is stronger, so it comes down to your gaming style, simple and plain. Geez!!! I'm a true to heart X box fan but I love Sonys 2015 lineup. I'll get one once Street fighter 5 drops. I'm not bias but these comparisons has to stop and they need to focus their energy elsewhere besides comparing frame rates and reolutions, it's getting old quick... ala Benjamin button.

JackBNimble1374d ago

I bet most people wouldn't even notice a difference in resolution unless they had the game running on both consoles side by side. And even then I am sure it would be hard to tell the difference in resolution.

But then again what do I know ? I am still on ps3/pc .

MysticStrummer1374d ago

@antz1104 - "Because that's the best argument…"

It's not an argument. One person asked if people still care about resolution and another replied that people would surely care if the resolution tables were turned. They undeniably would care. Just like with sales, they don't matter when your console is being trounced but then they do when it wins a month or two. These are facts, witnessed here all the time, not theoretical arguments.

Azzanation1374d ago

Rumour has it that the PC version will run a higher version then then PS4. Honestly who the hell cares. Unless your a PC gaming playing these games at there best, this should not matter. XB1 and PS4 versions will play identical meaning the gameplay is the same, which is the most important thing when it comes to games. As long as neither version is broken.

PS4 version will have advantages but so would the X1. X1 will benefit from Rumble triggers and a stable network while PS4 will benefit from slightly better visuals while PC version will benefit in all aspects.

Gamers should be more worried about the games quality interms of polish then which resolution there playing at. Articles like these only cause fanboy wars between gamers.

Mr Pumblechook1374d ago

Shinobi is proven. Tidux is not. I distrusted him about Project Morpheus. The day before the reveal he had no info. As soon as it was revealed he gave a list of games that were being made for it. It's easy to know after the fact.

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Kamikaze001374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Are you other fans still coming in to these articles trying to downplay the issue as it makes you feel better?

Does a PC guy, who has spent roughly the same amount of money on a graphics card, but is somehow getting lower resolution than another graphics card care?

Yet MS fans are all so hyped about getting more performance out of DX12, so hypocritical.

Yes, people do still care. You all still care, until the shoe is on the other foot.

Septic1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

If anyone really has a right to care thehave it's the PC lot having their games dumbed down for the sake of parity with consoles holding them back. It's been happening to them for years.

But according to N4G, it costs £2k just to build a decent rig.

Outside_ofthe_Box1374d ago

***"But according to N4G, it costs £2k just to build a decent rig."***

Thought only PS fans thought that according to you.

deecee331374d ago

Meh. This 1080p vs 900p deal has happened many times already, no? I'm just hoping this game offers a much better quest/shooter/co-op experience than destiny.

creatchee1374d ago


"Yet MS fans are all so hyped about getting more performance out of DX12, so hypocritical."

How is it hypocritical to want better performance for your hardware through software improvement? Nobody is saying "ZOMG DX12 is going to give Xbox better graphics than the PS4!" Well, nobody sane at least.

See, you or somebody with your mentality interprets an Xbox owner having this excitement as only a fanboy would read it, because that is the only mentality that you know. Most rational people would just say that somebody is excited because they're getting more than they were before.

reko1374d ago


900p 25fps cheap ass ms lol

Dir_en_grey1374d ago

No, a lot of PC games are "dumbed down" or just not made very well for the lower end PC's. That is always the problem for PC gaming, you get crappy graphics so everybody can play.

Until "the master race" kept begging for the once console exclusives to be on PC you didn't even get them until recently.

r2oB1374d ago

@ septic

You forgot the fact that not every PC gamer has equipment that would meet the requirements to run games better than consoles, since PC games are not optimized and rely on brute strength of the GPU (for now). So those PC gamers are also holding PC gaming back since developers have to cater to an unknown amount of PC configurations. I'd reckon there are a lot of underwhelming PCs that developers want to cater to.

Can you build a decent rig for $400 that could run recent games with console quality?

XBLSkull1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I play PC games but am not a PC elitist. I would like someone to build a $350-400 computer though that will be capable of playing 2018-2019 latest games in any fashion. The PS4/Xbox One will, and they will run them, with better graphics and performance than the games out now. You'll be lucky to even play those games on a $350-400 PC in a few years, and certainly not at their best. Hell, almost $100 has to be dedicated to windows operating system alone, and you can't really do much with the $250-300 left over. Everyone I've seen try leaves out the operating system, mouse/keyboard, and tells you to have an extra PC tower lying around and cuts that stuff out of the budget. Bottom line is consoles are fantastic for what they are. I feel like if you aren't going to go all out and build a monster gaming rig, there isn't any point in buying lower end and dated hardware just to be able to PC game, your money is better spent on a console for sure.

MrSwankSinatra1374d ago

downplaying how? I asked a simple question, how about you stop being paranoid.

UltraNova1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Jesus Christ I swear I thought I'd never see the day when I would agree with XBLskull...

To expand on what he said, for all those who say they can built a $400 PC that can perform better or at least equally to either a ps4 or xb1 must built this PC with parts available up to 2013 + windows + keyboard + mouse and no later than that(screen not required in the 400 price tag).

Because both consoles where designed and built and are forever stack with 2012-2013 parts.

That sounds fair! I here people saying...I know...

Whats the point in arguing after 2-3 years the consoles are already out that its possible to built a $400 PC with current tech that can beat the consoles? Well duh!!

A $50,000 2015 sports car can beat the shit out a $100,000 2010-12 car and its not even a matter of discussion let alone comparing them!!

The interesting part is how will these PCs fair against games 2,3,4,5 years down the line? I think its safe to say most titles will be either unplayable or not supported at all!

So begone with the $400 PC argument already.

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xSHADOWx1374d ago

Judging by the number of dislikes here, I'll say yes.

thanhgee1374d ago

Well last gen it mattered, don't know why it shouldn't be any different this gen.

Why o why1374d ago


Yep. Some people still here now on n4g act like digital foundry and lens of truth squabbles didn't exist. . Like multiplatform supremacy wasn't championed. I laugh at the turncoats.

Godmars2901374d ago

Since MS is doing everything they can to shrink the gap, this before they've even fully introduced whatever advantages cloud servers are suppose to give them, would have to say yes.

kingduqc1374d ago

If they cared about resolution and framerate they would play on pc..

creatchee1374d ago


"do people still care about this whole resolution debacle?"

Yes. People who aren't secure enough in their own purchases that they have to worry about what other people have bought and point out the negligible differences. See also: fanboys.

Spotie1374d ago if you're so secure, why would you even come to such an stifle?

Every such article drowns in people who say they don't care, which is ironic, to say the least. These are usually the same individuals who cared a great deal last generation, when the differences were even less significant. Before, they crowed about grass; now, a few hundred thousand pixels of difference doesn't matter. Now, a more stable framerate means nothing.

I'm perfectly secure in my purchase. To date, there's still just one game that remotely interests me on XB1, and that not enough to justify the console.

I care. I'm not the one trying to act like I don't.

That's you.

DLConspiracy1374d ago


Using a vocal minority of people last gen to give a pass to another vocal minority group of people doing the same thing this gen doesn't make it OK.

Both last and current are stupid. Can you tell me which users they are? Or what the percentage of those users that said that now that defend it this gen?

NuggetsOfGod1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

“We address every console, every platform as its own version,” he said. “So we try to stay away from the thing where you go for the least common denominator and everybody suffers for it. We want to make a good experience on all respective formats.” - dev

If this is true then the console versions can go to hell lol


I never believe developers anymore.

Ps4 parity will hold the game back anyway.

1080p 30fps in 2015. Cheap ass sony..

Still let the best toaster win! 1080 30fps is such a win?

Magicite1374d ago

Mostly those who have a choice or play superior version. I dont think Xbox only gamers have something to say about this.

skratchy1374d ago

Let's say you owned both consoles, wouldn't you want the version that looks better? Iono, makes sense to me.

I remember television being 320 for most of my childhood, and even some of my teens. The jump to 480 was huge to me, then 720 when Comcast first introduced HD. Now we're mostly watching at 1080P. I wouldn't want to go back now, that's for sure.

kstap331374d ago

I'd want the system that has the most stable online network for this always online game. A few extra pixels isn't a good enough trade off. PS4 for single player only, if I had both.

Spenok1374d ago

Not only that, but would it really be all that surprising at this point?

Bathyj1374d ago

This will be, and SHOULD be the norm for this generation. Devs are pushing the graphics as much as they can while still maintaining 1080p which is the standard on PS4 and should always be as much as possible.

These devs are still trying to keep the same graphic fidelity in regards to effects, lighting etc on Xbone, but the cost is the resolution. I'm fine with that and I'm sure most Xbone fans are too. I'm sure they would rather resolution suffers over leaving effects out.

The difference is there, it's not imaginary, it's real. But it's not a huge deal either. It doesn't really matter, it's not a game breaker. Anyone using it for console war ammo, go ahead and ignore them if you like.

I only really care that my version is as good as they could make it and not made with the other version in mind. Not gimped. If devs are following the template I just laid out that should be true for both machines and everyone should be happy.

Lennoxb631374d ago

I keep hearing people talking about they don't care about the graphics. Then I'm like wait, that's not what we're discussing. We're discussing resolution. When did resolution become graphics.

Anyway, graphics are the same on both. The only disparity is the resolution. And I don't care much about the res. Still getting this on X1. Hell, I played GTAV on it with 3 less bushes and I was just fine.

harrisk9541374d ago

It does matter because if you have both a PS4 and an XB1, why wouldn't you want the one that looked better?

modelgod1374d ago

Because maybe you would want to take advantage of better online experience. There's other reasons that would contribute to buying a specific game on one system over another. A disagree for you as well buddy! !!

slappy5081374d ago

@modelofgod Agreed about stable online which is why I'll be playing this on steam. Oh wait! you were talking about Xbox live, the service that you pay for yet still has gone done a couple of times last month?

Neo_Zeed1374d ago

Of course they do. As long as people care about graphics then resolution-gate will continue to be an issue. It's a grave Microsoft has dug for itself. Everyone was always quick to point out games being better on 360 during the last gen. Now that the tables have turned we aren't supposed to care anymore and MS has removed resolution from their packaging. I'm sorry but it doesn't work like that. The truth hurts but it was always important and will continue to be important for at least 2 more generations.

Helloween131374d ago

well if we didn't care man we would still be playing snes games

MrSwankSinatra1374d ago

That doesn't sound too bad since SNES games were of actual quality than the shitty games of today.

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Majin-vegeta1374d ago

Wait wasn't this one of the games listed in a rumor list that would run at a higher resolution on the PS4?? I member it had this game, The Witcher 3 and some other titles.

EXVirtual1374d ago

Didn't know about that list. Can you give me the link?

Majin-vegeta1374d ago

I couldn't find it the article :(.But I know well I read that list.

A7XEric1374d ago ShowReplies(1)
Benjammin251374d ago

The game runs better on superior hardware, who knew? In other news, fire hot.

modelgod1374d ago

Lol!! Benjammin. Lmao!!!

GokuSolosAll1374d ago

I thought this was a given?