Here's How Quickly You Can Beat The Order: 1886 if You Skip Everything You Can

There have been wildly varying accounts on the length of The Order: 1886, but a full playthrough has finally been posted by YouTube user PlayMeThrough, and it's pretty interesting, because it's basically a "bare minimum" walkthrough. He doesn't stop to examine any of the many story-related items that can be found around the game, and almost never dies.

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vishmarx1399d ago

indeed.5 hrs is a pretty good speed run time for a linear tps.

Beware btw,this is internet's new obsession now,
crapping on the order's sp campaign theres gonna be a whole lotta crap in the comments below

Mr Pumblechook1399d ago

I guess whether it's too long or too short all depends on how you like to play. You can play a game so it is a race, you literally try to get from start to finish and pick up trophies.

Or you can allow yourself to be immersed in the game world, appreciate the beauty of what's been created, explore off the beaten track when you can, appreciate the art and enjoy the game.

I prefer the latter.

Kamikaze001399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

The clowns are below, you're right.. The circus boys.

Still angry they have nothing to play for 7 months (this is why you see them in every The Order article), angry they are trailing behind in popularity, angry they have weaker hardware, angry they have less games.

The list goes on, and the bitterness follows.


Crimzon1399d ago

The 5 hour playtime doesn't really look rushed at all, he's just playing normally and going through the game the same way that anyone else would.

I think that if this is somehow classified as a speedrun and that the game is so much longer if you replay it on every difficulty available and scour levels endlessly for every last collectible, then we might as well refer to Call of Duty games as 100-hour epics...

Clown_Syndr0me1399d ago

@Crimzon I agree with you about the video. This game is short, people just have to deal with it or pass on it and stop trying to make out its something it's not.
But COD could never be called that when you can complete some of them on Vet, collecting every trophy in under 10 hours easily.

freshslicepizza1399d ago

i wonder how long the game is if you could skip the cutscenes? this sounds like a good rental and that's not knocking the game, i just don't see $60 in value due to replay value and actual gameplay length.

Bansai1399d ago

lol he didn't skip any cutscenes, wtf is wrong with this article author xD

Palitera1399d ago

Not for the whole internet. But for garbage sites like the source, no doubt.

uth111399d ago

I'm really starting to believe there's an organized FUD campaign against this game, it isn't just butthurt fanboys making these claims.

BattleAxe1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

This is the first time I've ever seen people who are happy about a 5.5 hour campaign with cutscenes included. Playstation fanboyism has far outstripped the stupidity of the Xbox 360 fanboysim from last gen.

starchild1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I'm guessing it will be around 8 hours or more for me because I tend to take a little more time looking at the scenery than a lot of people seem to do. The game is gorgeous.

SonofGod1399d ago

People (mostly Sony fanboys) criticized Ryse for being QTE, and now that we see that The Order is actually worse with more even cutscenes and QTEs, Sony fanboys like you still somehow manage to defend it.

And you say Xbox fanboys use double-standards and hypocrisy? LOL

4Sh0w1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

from the author:

"YouTube user PlayMeThrough, and it's pretty interesting, because it's basically a "bare minimum" walkthrough. He doesn't stop to examine any of the many story-related items that can be found around the game, and almost never dies."

"On the other hand, cutscenes cannot be skipped, as they have a lot of interactive elements within."

-I don't think this game deserves all the scrutiny its getting, it looks great and until we see some valid reviews and of course gamers have to chance to play it I just assume its going to be a awesome game.

-That said I also don't get the heavy defense from dualshockers= from the 15min or so that I watched the player was just playing the game naturally, and wasn't by any means bypassing content (lol he was crouched most of the time) it was definitely not anything like a speed run. So if this game is indeed only 5.5hrs long INCLUDING CUTSCENES in the manner that this guy was playing it, then that indeed puts this game on the very short side of what we usually classify as a "short game" in the gameplay department, especially for a SP game with no online and no co-op. Again not bashing the game, but lets call a spade a spade whats there to play may very well be awesome but just from the info provided it seems very short.

Genova841399d ago

It's reminiscent of the "par" times of doom and doom 2. They were more like, "the fastest times possible."

I take my time with TPS and FPS games. For instance:

1. Tomb Raider (2014) - 20 hours
2. Max Payne 3 - 14 hours
3. Bioshock - 18 hours
4. Bioshock 2 - 15 hours
5. Bioshock Infinite - 16 hours
6. Crysis - 12 hours
7. Crysis 3 - 7 hours
8. Darkness II - 6 hours
9. Dishonored w/ DLC - 35 hours
10. Gears of War - 6 hours

Got to say, I think this game will give me a satisfactory length. I also play games on Hard, which generally makes them a bit longer.

1399d ago
GMR_PR1399d ago

Oh snap... Pre-Order cancelled.

UltraNova1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

4Show, agreed on all accounts. I'am a SP, story driven gamer,always will be, but when games I want to play and I'm willing to fork out $60 for I want them to provide me with a certain satisfaction. For me linear SP only games (not rpgs)should be around the 12-15 hr mark if they are good enough to keep your interest.. some are drugging their feet and should have been shorter. But 5.5hrs with cut-scenes is stretching it so say the least!

I dont know I wont spoil the game for me by watching any playthroughs for sure but I'm still buying this game for it looks like a solid SP game, its premise looks interesting and its TPS style. Of course I play all SP games on hard, when available, and I'm a real sucker for exploration and loot so it should take longer.

Docknoss1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

So after reading the article, the game has 5.5 hrs of actual game time with cut scenes. PASS!

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geddesmond1399d ago

I take my time with games and explore every corner of the area before moving to the next so it will take me awhile. But still not buying unless they get rid of the black bars.

nitus101399d ago

The game designers have made the game for a Cinematographic look so unless you have a HDTV that has the same aspect ratio you are going to have black bars top and bottom.

On the other hand you can buy HDTV's that have a 2.4:1 aspect ratio but will have vertical black bars when you get 16:9 aspect ratio games.

I have said this before but the choice of a 16:9 aspect ratio by most HDTV manufactures is a compromise for the different aspect ratios that some game and film makers would like you to view their content.

Some HDTV's do have the capability of stretching, squeezing and clipping but if you do this the resulting output may not look that good.

In your case just don't get the game since they are not going to change their aspect ratio to fit your HDTV.

jc121399d ago

these articles make me wanna throw up.

Andofaus1399d ago

Wait what... 5 hours and a good portion of that are cut scenes. Are you joking? Is this really what we should be classing as acceptable in gaming today. No way, gamers need to vote with their wallets and send a clear message to developers and publishes.

IrisHeart1398d ago

Read the comments on this or any Order article, people can be morons.

1399d ago
Aquariusgamer1399d ago

Not at all. 60 dollars is way too much to ask for a 5 hour game with no multiplayer to pad out play time.

I'll probably just end up renting this at a redbox.

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yarbie10001399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

The guy posted up a full walkthrough of the game and beat it in 5 hrs. That was 5hrs with cut-scenes (He didn't skip them)

So he probably did get around 3 hrs of actual gameplay because he said a lot of that time was cut-scenes.

And the guy wasn't doing a speed-run. He was playing normal

Abriael1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

When you skip every single skippable element (which you can, you cannot skip cutscnes, but there's a ton more you can skip), it's definitely a speed run, or close to it.

yarbie10001399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

So if people have no desire to go look in every dead end corner to grab every collectable then its now considered a speed-run....Kk

From your article: "Of course, that’s not the time a normal user will take to complete the game, as many would probably need to try quite a few challenging parts a multiple times to achieve this kind of “perfect run,” and most will stop and catch the story clues"

The "Normal" user won't even finish the game

"I'm gonna offer you a detailed breakdown of my playtime with the game since you brought me up into this discussion.

It took me almost 10 hours to finish the game (from 12:45 from 22:30) on normal mode without aim assist. But I also took a lunch break of almost 30 minutes and another small break of 15 minutes. So that's somewhere around 9 hours.

I got the first trophy after almost 2 hours of gameplay.

I didn't rush through the game at all. I explored every possible zone in the game. I have admired and took pictures (that gore picture that is around the internet is made by me, I even posted here on GAF). I listened to all pedestrians conversations. I got almost all collectables except for 2 (I would also like to point out that the game doesn't keep track of your collectables somewhere so I didn't know where to search for them). I even restarted some checkpoints intentionally where there were a lot of enemies to get some combat related trophies.

After finishing the game I took a 2 hour break I think. And then restarted the game on easy in order to find the missing collectables. After some chapters of playing I remembered a I didn't get to explore a room completely because a cinematic was triggered and it got me out of the room. Fortunately, the last collectables where in that room.

Yes, the game is pretty short."

Abriael1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

@yarbie1000: either you've not seen a single scene of the game, or you're being intentionally disingenuous.

You don't need to "go look in every dead end corner." Collectibles are right on the path, clearly indicated. You can choose to pick them up and read/play with them or not, but as for having to go look for them, in most case is not needed.

El_Assenso1399d ago Show
Charybdis1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

To me it didn't look like a carefully planned out speed run but he did try to go fast in the part I saw he tried to run in front/close behind of the ai but had to walk a bit backwards so the ai could open the door for the next scene to start.

OB1Biker1399d ago

I dont want to watch and want no spoiler but 5 minutes for whole chapters seems really weird to me. Maybe some short cuts in the game?

Cant wait to play the game anyway

Letthewookiewin1399d ago

These people are the equivalent to someone renting a movie and fast forwarding through half of it. Makes anything pointless when you do that. People are so obsessed with trying to manipulate others out of buying this it's unreal. Here's a hint for you sad little humans, get a PS4 and you won't hate this game so much.

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TKCMuzzer1399d ago

Lol, NORMAL thats not gaming, stick it on hard, come on people, stop playing games on noob levels or at least record it when your playing on, normal.

1399d ago
Clown_Syndr0me1399d ago

Lol, nerd. I don't have time for hard difficulties anymore. I did when I was a kid.

nitus101399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

There is nothing wrong with having the game on normal providing that difficulty is not insultingly easy although that is in the eyes of the player.

Playing a game that allows you to change the difficulty on the fly (eg Oblivion and Skyrim) is also fine but personally I normally set the difficulty level at the start of the game and won't change it although I may make it harder if the game starts to become too easy. If that is the case I will normally restart the game on the harder difficulty setting.

For games like the Souls series the difficulty is hard but fair and if you beat the game you can get a harder difficulty.

When I play a game I want to enjoy it and while I can play at a much harder difficulty than a new player I can appreciate the easy, normal, hard and maybe insane difficulty, although IMHO you can not really appreciate the game until you beat it on at very least the "normal" difficulty level. It is a bit unfortunate that some people basically want their hand held when they play a game.

Personally I like Action/Adventure and/or RPG's that has reasonable difficulties and a potential of over 20 hours game-play as well as having a good replay value.

OrangePowerz1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Since I don't want to have anything spoiled I can't watch the video, but 5 hours sounds considerably short for a "normal" playthrough.

I can play FF12 "normal" without skipping cutscenes and finish it under 12 hours if I ignore everything else besides the main path and and just keep to push forward instead of enjoying the game and environment.

It's like finishing CoD in 3-4 hours. A "normal" player takes double the time.

Allsystemgamer1399d ago

I'm at 7 hours in and only on chapter 9. Im not taking my time either so something is wrong ere

Rimeskeem1399d ago

How do you know that 2 hours of the game is cutscenes?

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Daz1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I think your right 3 hours of gameplay the rest cutscenes/interactive. But gamplay could be longer if you have a look around for collectibles.

But once it completed what is there to do?

His play through (100% Spoilers)

doritos1399d ago

Trade it in on bloodborn, at least I hope that's what people do.

u got owned1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

That would be the smartest thing to do, but if the game turns out to be that short (which I hope its not) i'll probably end up renting it instead of buying it.

TKCMuzzer1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I bet it takes longer than 5 hours for me, then I will be looking for all the collectibles first time.
Plus you also answer your own question. Once completed you can look for the collectables if you've rushed through the game, you know, like most games.
Interesting with the quick disagrees.

andibandit1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I hate collectibles, they add almost nothing to a game. They are just a way for developers to try and prolong a game, much like achievements and trophies.

Insomnia_841399d ago

LOL This is hilarious!! I can't wait for the Bloodborne bashing. Man!

starchild1399d ago

Or the Star Citizen bashing...or the Halo 5 bashing...most exclusives are overly scrutinized. If you haven't noticed this it's only because you haven't been paying attention.

Volkama1399d ago

Nah PC exclusives don't really get bashed. They don't usually have the necessary ads and exposure to warrant positive or negative articles.

The hype and bash articles are 2 sides of the same coin.

PhucSeeker1398d ago

No man, who could ever dare to bash a game with Hidetaka Miyazaki as the director.

OT : The guy doing the walkthrough for The Order didn't speed run but definitely have walked fast. I mean he ran at every chance he got.

TKCMuzzer1399d ago

It baffles me that so called gamers would purchase a game then just aim to get to the end as quickly as possible. It defeats the whole point of gaming, the whole point of devs creating stories.
The gaming industry is being ruined by so called gamers looking for cheap internet fame. Gamers are quick to blame devs and especially the journalists but when push comes to shove some gamers are just as bad for the industry.

Gamers play games, not likes, or hits, or Youtube views.

Lets PLAY THE GAMES, not the internet.

Daz1399d ago

Look to me he just played the game. He didnt speed run or he didnt spend time looking for stuff.

Maybe his not a trophies collector.

TKCMuzzer1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Then he's not really playing the game, the devs put collectibles in there because they may have something to do with the back story etc.
Iv'e played many games where they could be completed in a short amount of hours apparently but on my playthrough it always takes a lot longer. Maybe I'm playing on a more difficult setting.

Spotie1399d ago

Dude, give it a break. If you skip everything you can possibly skip, it's a speed run. To top it off, he only played on normal, and didn't die.

You don't have to be a trophy collector to spend more time on the game than this.

This BS is getting out of control, and mods doing nothing about it while knowing it's going on is beyond annoying.

Abriael1399d ago

You don't need to "look" for stuff really. All the stuff you need to look for is pretty much in your face. All you need to do is to pick it up.

Daz1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

SPotie THis not a speed run end off
People can still speed run on higher difficulty too

THese are Proper speed runs

SO what you saying is so liner you dont need to look around for collectibles?

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Legitimate gamers are a dying breed my friend.

LifeInNZ1399d ago

I have been playing games since the early 80s and over the years have played game after game where collectables, that have no effect on the outcome of the game, are scattered around the environment. I don't consider it a "speed run" where I don't stop to pick up all the collectables, or any collectables for that matter.

If I don't feel that stopping to pick up a collectable will add to my enjoyment of a game then I won't. Its just like I don't try and collect every trophy in a game.

To consider me a non gamer for this game play behaviour is just being plain ignorant as far as I'm concerned.

JasonKCK1399d ago

What's a "legitimate gamer"?

OldDude1399d ago

Anyone on here that praises Sony /s

srd44841399d ago

@Spotie. So when people have a different opinion than you, you want the mods to boot them?
The guy beat the game in 5 hrs without doing a speed run. Did he collect everything? No. There are many that dont have the time or care to do all that. And many play on normal.
Many people are hating/loving this game before playing it. But damn the lovefest and defending this game is the worse ive seen. Give it a rest.

maniacmayhem1399d ago

This exactly.

I've seen people on here getting mobbed out of an article because they have apprehensions about this game. You can't say a single negative thing about a Sony exclusive or you'll be labeled a troll.

I love the defense too of having to platinum the game to squeeze more time out of it. When has that ever been a case for any game? The excuses and defense a lot of folks are bringing to this game is cringe worthy.


Exactly, more than half of these so called gamers play everything on easy or normal and rush to the end of the game just so they can say I beat it, yay look at me....😏
Note these are the same people crying alien iso is too hard or too long.... Look I got a job, 4 kids, yet I still play ALL my games on the top difficulty, don't give 2's about the YouTube/broadcasting scene...I love games because they can be played just like an interactive movie, they relieve stress, etc... I mean look at Uncharted 4 example, how many people including yourselves hold the left stick forward after jumping down to a lower level ( ya know constantly making your character run ) instead of jumping and let the characters animation play out? How many of you guys actually walk through the game and run ONLY when necessary?

Look I'm not telling anyone how to play, but am wondering why bitch if you yourselves are in control but rush unnecessarily through a game that costs $65 and up... Do you really think you get better at playing games while on easy? The answer is no you don't, as with anything in life, you only get better by challenging yourself and rising to the occasion... I mean since a kid playing games, I thought the challenge was half the fun... Food for thought, sorry I rambled on so long... Back to playing games


@disagrees... You're just proving my point, in no shape or form did I trash people, but merely pointed out the casuals who bitch for no reason due to their own ignorance... So there's 3 ignorant people mad, oh well if you can't accept criticism then you'll never grow.

IrisHeart1398d ago

People have every right to know what they are purchasing. That is like the whole point of this website or any gaming website. I just...sigh.

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