Mass Effect 4: Online Won't Take Away From The 'Massive' Single Player, Space Looking Remarkable

New development updates from the next Mass Effect.

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DarkOcelet1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

OK, that's awesome to know. And what would be more awesome is that you show us that massive single player in a trailer or anything. I am so psyched.

I want Mass Effect 4 to be twice as big as Skyrim. I want to be lost in the galaxy from its huge content.

linkenski1399d ago

I spent 110 hours in Skyrim when I decided I wanted to stop and there were so many questlines and areas I hadn't found.

I wouldn't want any game to be bigger than skyrim because I know it will just amount to "quantity > quality".

I hope ME4 will have some uncharted worlds though, like in ME1 that are almost pointless but they add to the atmosphere and believability that you're in space and there are still many mysteries.

I just don't want DA:I 2.0 but luckily Bioware says it won't be, so I hope they're right.

Halo2ODST21399d ago

It has to have explorable planets like ME1

-Foxtrot1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Oh yeah just like how they managed to get that Omega content finished and have a much better ending after the leak

......OH WAIT

Online is not needed in this game

The best can always be better, so if the single player is amazing with the online it could be even better without it

DarkOcelet1399d ago

Believe when i say that i dont want online more than you. I do really but whatever we say, they will also make online and weirdly people seem to love it, so you and me are in the minority here Fox which is a damn shame.

Reibooi1399d ago

The online thing kinda annoys the hell out of me. I mean look at ALL the games that had a tacked on MP aspect. None of them have active community's or if they do it's so small it's not worth getting into.

Add to that the fact that a good amount of great SP only games have come out in the last few years and were praised to high heaven for how awesome they were and not a single person complained about lack of MP. Wolfenstien was a big example of this. The game was very well received and had no MP and given the series history one would expect it to have MP but it didn't and no one gave a damn cause the single player was awesome.

Also while the dev can say that the online portion of the game will not have a impact in the main games development it's something of a lie. It may be true that they are not having members of the SP dev team taken to work on the MP part but the money is still being used on the MP that doesn't need to be there and that money could be used to make the main game just that much more awesome.

mafiabrett1399d ago

Yea we'll see about that. RPGs should stay single player only experience, always proves a better story in the end.

Myst-Vearn1399d ago

I agree. I know it's a bit selfish because plenty of people did enjoy ME3's online modes, but there are tons of online games for those people to enjoy. There aren't many games like Mass Effect, in scope and quality I mean and I would hate to see it influenced in negative ways due to the inclusion of online multiplayer modes. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

linkenski1399d ago

As long as the single-player is amazing in itself then I'm content. I don't actually mind if online somehow intersects with some of the SP content, as long as they don't gate single-player progression to multiplayer like they did initially with ME3.

I'm not convinced of anything until I see it though. ME3's combat was a good foundation but one they can't just reuse and expand upon now that they're using frostbite instead of Unreal.

doritos1399d ago

Bioware squandered a lot of good will away with ME3, so I hope they have learned their lesson. You can add multiplayer in your game, just don't tie the single player to multi like they did with ME3.

CyrusLemont1399d ago

Just don't have multiplayer achievements please, I like to 100% RPGS without having to interact with people from...outside.

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