Top 5 Video Game Romances

Gamersftw: "What better time than Valentine’s Day to sit and reflect of the best loves of our lives? Our first love, our current love and, of course, all of the wonderful love stories we find in our favorite games. It’s nothing new for a main character to have a love interest, even if the game doesn’t really call for it. Every hero needs to save a damsel in distress at least one, right? Some romances are ok, others fizzle and most of just fine. A side meant to add flavor to the main dish. Sometimes, though, we’re treated to something special – a relationship that sticks with us. We’re not just beating the game, we’re really trying to save that person. So, without further ado, here are some of those romances. The top 5 romances in gaming!"

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Septic1374d ago

Squall and Rinoa. My favourite one