DriveClub vs Forza Horizon 2 - Ferrari 458 Speciale Sound Comparison

Here is a comparison video which takes a look at Driveclub vs Forza Horizon 2’s engine sounds.

The car in both videos is the Ferrari 458 Speciale. We get to see and hear the 458 Speciale launching from a stand still in both third person and cockpit views including from within a tunnel.

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CursedHero1398d ago

That's a nice vid right der :-)

MK24ever1398d ago

Same car I used in my weather/Time of day montage on Japan, you can watch it here if you like this kind of stuff:

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1398d ago Replies(1)
mixelon1398d ago

Hmm, they both sound "right" but as if they were picked up by different types of mic. The Forza one sounds more how you'd hear it on TV, while I imagine driveclubs sounds more like what it would sound like in person. (?)

if someone was used to the cars from televised motorsports they could concievably prefer the forza one - I like the Driveclub one more but can't help thinking this was an intentional thing?

Volkama1398d ago

Yeah they just take differing approaches to sound. Driveclub puts the emphasis on the car, forza balances it with music, chatter, and ambient sound.

There isn't a right or wrong approach. My wife complains she can't sleep if I play driveclub though!

badz1491398d ago

I agree that Evolution is focusing on the in-person "experiences" when it comes top sounds and visuals in Driveclub. I really love the sound of the running wind when your car is at high speed it just like you're in the car itself and coming out of the tunnel at high speed will result in a dazzle of light just like what have been shown in GT5 last gen. both aren't available in FH2 though.

personally, I think in terms of visuals and sounds, DC wins over FH2 hands down. still FH2 is no slouch at what it tries to achieve here. a sandbox racer compared to a closed track focus by DC. there have to be some give and take to achieve their respective objectives

nix1398d ago

Oh that whizzing sound every time I'm speeding scares me out bcoz i get so conscious that I'm driving fast. And then i screw up and crash.

BallsEye1398d ago

Finally comparing something that matters in a driving game, not a damn raindrops. Now make another one with amount of drivable area/races, car count, events count, traffic, vehicles on screen, customization and multiplayer. Thanks!

360ICE1398d ago

Comparing number of traffic vehicles on screen between one game that happens on trafficked roads and one that doesn't?

Best. Idea. Ever.

Spartacus101398d ago

Forza may win many categories by quantity, buy DC will always have more class.

Car count matters when the cars look impressive, not polished last-gen grade.
Total area matters when it looks impressive, not when its empty.

Foehammer1398d ago

I don't own a 458 so I can't say which is more accurate.

I do agree with you 100%

Of course you're referring to Polphony Digital using PS2 cars in GT5 and GT6, then adding generic interiors.

Even last gens Forza 4 cars had 800,000 polygons per car, over 3x more than DC.

Spartacus101398d ago

@ Foehammer
When a GT fan boasts about GT, they boast about the premium cars, the tracks, the physics, not the standard cars.

Then you see people like the guy above stating masses of empty land in FH should count as something of value.

Anyway, the fact that you brought up a PS3 game in a X1/PS4 debate is a compliment to Gran Turismo.

Brisco1398d ago

Well that's not that difficult. The sound effects in dc ar horrible compared to FH so are the engine sounds. FH 2 is how such a car sounds when you drive it. Not the weird.engine sound dc has and the awfull screeching tire sounds

Viryu1398d ago

"both Mercedes and BMW requested Evolution’s recordings to replace their own sound libraries"

Cupid_Viper_31398d ago

Aaaand just like that Viryu shot down a troll....

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