Johnny Cage Possibly Confirmed for Mortal Kombat X?

Just recently, Ed tweeted out a photo of a T-Shirt reading the move set back, forward, LK hinting Johnny Cages return for Mortal Kombat X.

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CursedHero1033d ago

Bleh, never liked him, but the more the merry-er I always say 😜

BigBosss1033d ago

I would like to see how he would turn out, the whole variation skills, costume and all xD

Hoffmann1033d ago

A game with Sonya Blade and Cassie Cage but without Johnny would be weird. Especially after the ending of Mortal Kombat 9. Its obvious he returns.

BigBosss1033d ago

Absolutely right bro, it'll just feel weird, we definitely need to see Johnny make a return which will be most likely

mhunterjr1033d ago

Honestly, I don't understand why Johny Cage is in, but Jade is out... I don't know ANYONE who's ever liked his character...

In fact, when I went to see The MK2 movie, <spoilers> the audience applauded when he died.

hasamalaha1033d ago

Just a hint, but if you have to say possibly and also in a question format....

It isn't a confirmation.