Xbox Ultimate Game Sale Leaked (with images)

So earlier today, Xbox Australia ran a test on the Ultimate Game Sale page, @ZPCI Assassin & @Turtle (Members of the 4 Guys with Quarters Podcast) caught a glimpse and got the full games list for us (screenshot below) . Major Nelson also teased the sale via twitter, reassuring that the American audience will also see the sales. The sales begin February 18th and run til February 24th, don't miss out on these killer deals.

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getrektedmate1400d ago

Lords of the Fallen – 75% off (85% with Gold)
That's a sweet deal right there. Probably the best deal i have seen in a couple of months.

CyrusLemont1400d ago

Was about to say the same thing, I thought it was pretty underrated. Definitely worth grabbing at that price. It's Australia as well which is sweet, because digital prices over here are jawdroppers (Cost WAY MORE than retail most of the time).

1399d ago
Chrisgamerguy1400d ago

Sniper elite only $12 with gold and lords of fallen only $9. Guys at least get those 2 out of that, $120 value going for $20

DLConspiracy1399d ago

Those are the two I am getting. Can't beat that.

WeirdShroom1400d ago

I'm going with the $120 value for $35 with LOTF and Alien Isolation. Amazing sale.

Haki11121399d ago

Going with the same deal!

MSpence5161399d ago

Definitely finally picking up Alien Isolation now!

ShowanW1399d ago

So I can get Alien Isolation, LoTF, and Sniper:E3 for much of nothing???


clownz1398d ago

Awesome leak. Your site has beaten all the big ones to it. I want sniper elite III