Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Trailer recreated for PlayStation 4

Star Wars Episode VII is one of the most anticipated films to come out in 2015, with the trailer released getting over 50 million views. Fans are drooling over every piece of news that comes out so to fulfil their craving YouTube channel LittleBigPlanet Show brings a comedic recreation of that trailer which matches it frame by frame and is hilarious to boot. Also make sure to check over 1500 other levels on the channel with recreations ranging from Final Fantasy VII to Game of Thrones. May the Force Be With You! So what trailer, game or anything that comes to mind would you like to see recreated next in Littlebigplanet 3 let us know below in the comments?

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PixelGateUk1374d ago

I wish i had as much patience as the people who create this :( the joys of LBP!

mkis0071374d ago

This is creativity :) Wish I had the patience (or time for that matter) to really explore lbp3 create tools. Never tried in 1 or 2.

theblueplanet19921374d ago

yeah that quite complex some of the creations by the community though are outstanding, whats your favourite level you played on lbp?

theblueplanet19921374d ago

I can't wait to see someone recreate lord of the rings trailer or entire films in this game would be epic

maniacmayhem1374d ago

That was really awesome. I always like to see what ordinary people create using the tools given.

Good job.

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