Mortal Kombat X will not have a demo

A Ed Boon's tweet reveals that there will not be a demo for Mortal Kombat X.

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JoGam1281d ago

Every game don't need a demo. Hopefully people won't be upset by it.

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Snookies121281d ago

I can see not every game needing a demo on consoles. On PC, all games should have one though. Just to make sure your machine can run it properly, lol.

Either way, I'm buying this... Been a fan of MK since the first game, MK9 revitalized the series, Injustice made advancements, so with MKX combining things from both I'm more than willing to purchase it.

DarkOcelet1281d ago

Demos are very important ways to attract more people to your game. It should be there. If it wasn't for the demo in some games in the past. I would have never played them.

DxTrixterz1281d ago

We all know what happened when they released demo for MK 9/2011 (entire character roster has been leaked from it) so I guess they want to avoid that happening again.

Heyxyz1281d ago

I don't thinks they need to, I mean it's MK you know it's going to be good!

TXIDarkAvenger1281d ago

Still think it will be good. MK9 was great but I'd still love to play a demo.

Valenka1281d ago

Lack of demos is the primary reason why I typically buy preowned games. No offense to any developers, but I'm not shelling out $60 blind anymore. I'll buy it used and if I like it enough, I'll either keep it or pick up a new copy to support the developers and/or grab any worthwhile promotional DLC for buying it new.

DarkOcelet1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I think i will wait for the Komplete edition. I know companies love to do this thing nowadays so i usually wait. Dying light GOTY edition will be out in less than a year. Mark my words.

Valenka1281d ago

I believe it. It seems like every AAA game that comes out always ends up having a "GOTY Edition" with all of the subsequent DLC for the cost of the base game. That, and Square Enix's newfound love for releasing 'Definitive Editions.'

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