PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886's Animated GIF Show Absolutely Brutal Finisher, Smoke Grenade

The Order: 1886 is already in the hands of quite a few early users, and quite a few interesting details are starting to emerge.

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DarkOcelet1397d ago

The lighting in the game is very beautiful. I love the cinematic camera that starts when ever Galahad does a melee move. Its really nice.

SpaceRanger1397d ago

I gotta say that the outcome on simply pressing triangle in this game for a melee finisher seems seriously satisfying! It kind of reminds me of TLOU.

Neixus1397d ago

I didn't really think of this before, but that melee finisher with pressing a button, probably stems from the fact that they made the God of War for psp before.

Yaay4me1396d ago

the Last of Us and Metal Gear were Ready At Dawn's two inspirations, when they were asked what if any game was targeted as inspiration for The Order

DarkOcelet1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

The Last Of Us/Metal Gear/Uncharted 2. It seems they took inspirations the best. I am rooting for them.

ashen1221397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Lmao this really brutal look at the dudes body when Galahad knocks him out

Dayyyum gif

Edit I'm excited to see melee combat against the lycans ( if you can melee them )

Letthewookiewin1396d ago

Holy crap, some people apparently aren't excited to see melee against Lycans. So pathetic (the disagrees) Here's a tip buy a PS4 and you won't hate this game anymore.

andibandit1396d ago

Play Mortal Kombat, and then come talk to me about brutal

ziggurcat1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

i am hoping i can somehow finagle an early copy of this when i go to my closest EB games this evening.

edit: because i can't take the anticipation anymore...

DarkOcelet1396d ago

Good lucky Mate.... Hopefully you find it. :)

WizzroSupreme1397d ago

Uncharted 4's already got this beat graphically.

DarkOcelet1397d ago

So what if it does? It doesn't make the game look less beautiful.

firelogic1397d ago

No it absolutely does not (at least at this stage of U4 development) and even if it did, we get to play both games. Where's the downside?

The Order is without a doubt the best looking game ever to grace any screen. That's a fact.

skwidd1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


Lol. What's your problem, bro?

WelkinCole1396d ago

Not sure how Uncharted 4 will fare compare to The Order's game engine that RAD built specifically for the PS4.

Its going to be hard to compare as well because they seem to have different art style as well.

Tech wise though like effects and such I am sure betting on Uncharted to be better.

Tontus1396d ago

No it absolutely doesn't, have your eyes checked and your brain scanned.

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LightDiego1397d ago

The protagonist is so badass, seriously, bring the mustache style back.

DarkOcelet1396d ago

My friend, you could not be more right. You need more bubbles dammit.

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The story is too old to be commented.