RPG Reload File 025 - 'Dragon Fantasy Book 1'

TouchArcade: It's hard to believe it looking at the App Store now, but it wasn't so long ago that there were no actual Dragon Quest games on iOS. The series has always had an inconsistent relationship with the world outside of its home country, so it was hardly an unusual state of affairs. However small its economic power might be from installment to installment, however, there's no questioning Dragon Quest [$2.99]'s influence on RPG fans, especially those of the NES generation. Little RPG fans grow up to be big RPG adults, some of whom decide to make games of their own, and so it is that wherever you can find indie games, you will find games inspired by Dragon Quest to varying degrees. For a long time on iOS, the best way you could scratch that itch was Muteki Corporation's Dragon Fantasy, or as it's now known in these heady post-sequel days, Dragon Fantasy Book 1 [$7.99].

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