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Evolve is a jetpack dance between prey and predator. It’s a multiplayer tango with ever-shifting positions: in a typical round, you go from being a frag god to fragile and back again in the span of about 12 minutes. One moment you’re a firebreathing Goliath, rolling a strike through Evolve’s four Hunters with an enormous boulder, and the next, you’re a fleeing, bloodied heap, scraping the map for alien wildlife to chew to regain lost armor.

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getrektedmate955d ago

I don't get why this game is getting high review scores.

Dudebro90955d ago

I don't get why you care.

Monstar954d ago

Why shouldn't people care..its quite stupid seeing this game get such high scores considering it's half a game. and looks boring as hell. L4D plays better, IMO.

PlayableGamez954d ago

DLC is something you should care about.

mixelon955d ago

Maybe reading the reviews might help? :O

AKissFromDaddy955d ago

It's a great game regardless of your bias towards it's cosmetic DLC.

I can only imagine seeing good scores from trusted critics tempts you to buy Evolve,...and that's annoys you.

Pintheshadows954d ago

Great is a strong word. It is an ok game.

Elit3Nick955d ago

maybe you should actually try it and find out for yourself instead on harping on a game you never tried

STK026955d ago

DLC aside, the core gameplay is actually quite fun and does promote team work, something many games have failed at in the past. It's also a relatively bug-free game (well, compared to other AAA games like AC:Unity for example) and the launch was great, with little to no network issues. It also looks very nice, and it still packs enough content to make it worth playing for quite a few hours.

It's not a perfect game, and yes, it's heavy on DLC, but that doesn't suddenly make the game itself unplayable or boring.

S_C954d ago

I do know why it is getting rated highly, because it's fun (and yes i've got the game)

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phntom955d ago

The game is fun and hard. Your team must know how to play or else you will fall to the monster.

lemoncake955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Matchmaking is the worst in this game, it doesn't take into account player level at all it just randomly places you with anybody. If a high level player is playing monster you might as well quit and try to find a new game as they can almost one shot kill you. Same goes for if you are playing monster, if the hunters are high level you got no chance.

If you played the beta you know what you are getting with this game, especially since accessing the other game modes seems to be almost mission impossible as the game picks randomly for you, 9.5 out of ten times it's that same hunt mode.