Is Bloodborne Not Ruthless Enough for You? You Can Gimp Yourself Badly Before You Even Start

Are you a "Souls" pro player, afraid that Bloodborne might be too easy for you? Fear not, as From Software is going to give you a early chance to give yourself a sizable handicap. As a matter of fact, you can do that even before you start.

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DarkOcelet1375d ago

I think i will go with 'Shouldnt have been born' when i get to play this game.

I like the challenge.

ziggurcat1375d ago

i think imma gonna stick to a normal class...

i understand that people want a challenge, but it's never made sense to me why people would want to make a game that's already really difficult, more difficult.

(and damniit, i accidentally clicked disagree :( i know disagrees don't really matter, but i compensated with a +bub)

DarkOcelet1375d ago

I like to play the game on its hardest difficulty it can come with. I make my own challenges in those types of games.

My latest was a speedrun of The Evil Within in Akumu mode with no upgrades. It was hard as hell but it was nice.

Concertoine1375d ago

I always like to beat something really hard once a year. I recently played dark souls, souls level 1, no magic, no shield and no armor. I was stuck on the dlc and the four kings for a while but i beat it.

garrettbobbyferguson1375d ago

Because it's become a "meme" now. The Souls series to people is "that series that's SOOO HARD!" From Software seems to have picked up on this and now they've been doing their best to make it as difficultly annoying as possible, rather than incorporating a good challenge.

This can be seen in their rebranding of DaS with "Prepare to Die edition", with the choices made in DaS2 and even the recent changes they made to it. Which is a shame. What made DaS enjoyable was the fact that it offered challenge that was met with reward that spurred the player. Rather than difficulty for difficulty's sake.

DragonKnight1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Any Souls veteran will tell you that the starting class is mostly irrelevant, so even playing as Waste of Skin won't change the game much for people who know what they're doing.

Wonder why they decided not to have a Level 1 class.

Hanso1375d ago

Hey ziggurcat did you play Souls Games before?
This Class wont make the game harder its basically the class from Dark Souls which starts at lv 1 without points in stats you can lv exactly what you want. A different Class starts for example at lv 10 which has already 10 points in stats you cant change anymore.
thats how it is :P

nitus101374d ago


Playing through Dark Souls at level 1, now that is impressive although "no magic" is basically impossible since the only level 1 build is the "pyromancer" and he/she has flame spells. Of course you don't have to use them if you don't want to.

The best pyromancer flame spell IMO is the hand flame since you can level this up and since it takes approximately 0.5 of a second to activate it can even take out a level 100 character in a few seconds.

The best I can do is level 15 but because there is little if any randomness in the game you do eventually learn how each enemy attacks and can act accordingly. Not sure how you got past those archers in Anor Londo since one hit especially at level 1 and even worse no armour is a sure kill. At LV 15 you can use poisoned arrows although this is still risky. Even the Capra demon early in the game can be a real challenge at level 1.

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nX1375d ago

Not because of the challenge (lower lvls are cheaper to upgrade anyway so you'll catch up with the other classes in no time) but because of the increased customization I always pick the class with the lowest lvl in Souls games.
Somehow when I start a new Souls game, I never know how I actually want to play it... so I usually start with upgrading the core stats (HP, Stamina) while I'm figuring out which path to take :D

nitus101374d ago

Actually I always up my stamina first and strength second before I worry about HP. Normally I only level up to 15 or 20 max depending how comfortable I am with the build so I have to be careful how I allocate my stats.

I don't really worry much about magic since it takes over a second to activate (hand flame is much faster) and a person who is skilled in weapon combat can take out even a high level magic user very quickly although it is very risky against a level 15 pyromancer hand flame.

Maxor1375d ago

They should implement an ironman mode and be done with it. Other than that is there an achievement or any benefit to choosing a harder start vs an easier one?

DarkOcelet1375d ago

Maybe people like an even harder challenge. Whats wrong with that? And not everything has to have a trophy or an achievement to benefit from it.

DragonKnight1375d ago

Back in the old days, before there were "achievements", people chose harder difficulties and starts just because it was challenging and fun. Kids these days.

WelkinCole1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Same. For me though its because games now days are way too easy. My 4 and 1/2 year old managed to beat every COD games he has no problem. The standard now days for games in terms of difficulty is very very easy.

Virtually every game I play now days I feel like I was just going though the motion to get through to the end. No real road block or real challenge in anything.

Most games its just shoot/cover/regenerate/move repeat until the end. When the credits roll I really don't feel anything.

Demon Souls change all that last gen as really it was a great blend of old school games hardcore difficulty mixed in with very very smart and innovate modern games designs.

There is nothing more satisfying than when you become death itself after dying so many times.

Replayed demon souls again lately and I couldn't believe how easy it has become when I literally died like 200 times in the 1-1 game level alone the first time I played it. Literally demons souls improve my gaming which is something I am happy with.

No doubt I will not find Bloodbourne too hard so best to start from the lowest level.

DarkOcelet1375d ago

Which is why i hate and love the Souls games. They made a challenging and a very rewarding game but at the same time, it made every other game in terms of challenge obsolete. Seriously few games now a day offers a real challenge.

gobluesamg1375d ago

Yeah let your 4 year old play COD. Great idea dude.

WelkinCole1375d ago

@gobluesmag. He has his RC and LBP etc as well which he does not like very much because they are too easy.

Got my Atari younger than him. Played violent games and watched violent movies etc from a very young age.

You see not everyone is the same. Just because society says that kids should not watch or play violent movies or games does not mean I will follow.

Kids are much smarter than society give them credit for. I don't treat my kids like idiots. They know very well what is fiction and what is not fiction.

I know myself and my kids well enough thank you.

nitus101374d ago

I fully agree. I have always liked the games from "From Software" and have played Kings Field through to Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. All of these games are long and were challenging especially the Souls series.

Personally I do like Action/Adventure and/or RPG's and the Souls series is excellent. I also like the Elder Scrolls series beginning with Oblivion then Skyrim and while the default difficulty is a pretty good although it can be made harder although the last two hardness levels in Skyrim are only for the those who really want to die allot. In Skyrim even at Level 50 and fully buffed Dragon Armour in expert mode you can still get killed pretty quickly if you are not careful. Basically I was insta' killed by a Dwarf ballista because I did not see the pressure plate.

If you are interested in playing Oblivion you need to set-up the perks you want to really level up as your "minor attributes" and the perks that are not that important as your "major attributes" although you do want to level up but you want to do this very slowly. Do this the other way around and you will hate the game since pretty much all the enemies level up the same as you and all seem to have better weapons, armour and magic

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assdan1374d ago

I'll probably do it with my second build. I'm going to want to get used to the game first. But we'll see.

WildArmed1374d ago

Plus, just like souls games, the lower the level you start, the better customization you'll have on your character. I've always started with the lowest level character in every souls games.

It actually has the ability to make your game easier than harder.

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Master-H1375d ago

I'll decide which one to start with based on their starting garments/clothes. Fashion is everything in a Souls game. (assuming each class starts with different clothes, that is.)

1375d ago
DragonKnight1375d ago

Indeed. Fashion Souls is the real game. Can you look badass while kicking it?

MasterCornholio1375d ago

Reminds me of that class where you start off naked with only a club as a weapon

Brazz1375d ago

are you talking about barbarian from Demon's or deprived from dark?

MasterCornholio1375d ago

I'm guessing maybe both?

But the great thing about those classes is that since they are so low level they can be customized more than other classes.

Never played them I always went with the typical heavy class with shield layout.

ashen1221375d ago

NO THAT DOES NOT WORK HERE!!!PlayStation exclusive so it's my body is shu lol


Just messing with you man (;

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