Are The Order: 1886 Collector's and Premium Editions worth buying?

An analysis of whether or not The Order: 1886 Premium Edition and The Order: 1886 Collector's Edition are worth buying.

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SaveFerris1317d ago

It may be worth it to the buyer, and isn't that what matters?

marlinfan101317d ago

Not for me, I'll just be getting the regular version.

ArchangelMike1317d ago

Yup, same here. I mean - what am I going to do with stickers?

marlinfan101316d ago

i guess theres 6 ppl that didnt believe were getting the normal version lol

getrektedmate1317d ago

These ultimate/premium/special editions are all cash grabs.

shammgod1317d ago

Not true. I like the art books and soundtracks with the collectors editions. I don't really go for much else. I will be getting the standard edition for this though.

kayoss1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I'm a collector of game statues and if you're not aware, these statues are expensive. If I can pay 100-$150 for the game and statue, it's a great value.
I have over 120 statues 24 are from collector/premium edition of video games. I will buy the same game multiple times if it have more than one version statues. I will resale the game.

Helloween131317d ago

hell yes and is this article worth reading, hell no

ashen1221317d ago

I just wanted the statue for my room....fu#$ me for having extra money right lol

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The story is too old to be commented.