Video: What to expect when Xbox One and Windows 10 hook up

Eurogamer:"Greetings Eurogamers! It's Valentine's Day, so we're dedicating the day to our first love: video games. The make-out sessions are kind of disappointing, but at least there's no arguing over the TV remote."

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Automatic791397d ago

Excellent video highlighting what to expect.

Foehammer1397d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Awesome video

Love it when a product I've purchased just gets better and better.

Edit: someone please introduce onyoursisterback to TitanFall and Forza 5, and ask it why it's here?


I have a few products that update, Receiver, Bluray player, etc, but nothing gets the quantifiable updates like the X1.

Edit 2 @ hasamalaha, TF scored 86 on metacritic, NO other next gen fps could match it even after all this time on the market.

LackTrue4K1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

where is your "cloud" support?????????????????????

(this is 2015's cloud support...which WON'T HAPPEN!)

@Holysomkesmatman, at your side of real answers!!!

Septic1396d ago

Crackdown is going to use Cloud compute. You can't wait?

WeAreLegion1396d ago

Do products typically get worse?

LifeInNZ1396d ago

Well, not typically but they can get worse from a build quality and software perspective. Look at Apple's short lived attempt at bringing plastic iPhones to the market, or how each iteration of the PS3 removed more and more of the bells and whistles. And Windows Vista...yes, enough said.

hasamalaha1396d ago

I wouldn't tout Titanfall as an example of the power of the cloud.

That game was nothing more than average. That game ran on 360, without much difference. Graphics looked like they were 5 years old.

getrektedmate1397d ago

I will expect awesomeness!

brotherlymoses1396d ago

Noice! One thing I love about Microsoft is that the overhaul the UI every couple of years or so, it always feels like a new console. I Love it.

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