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Push Square: "It's hard to describe Super Stardust Ultra as a disappointment, because the core gameplay loop – almost eight years after its original introduction – is still as enjoyable as ever. That said, this doesn't feel like the next frontier for Housemarque's revered shooter series – more like a stopgap along the way. Veterans should know that, outside of some visual enhancements and extra modes, this is pretty much Super Stardust HD. That's not necessarily a bad thing, of course; newcomers are encouraged to take aim at this right away."

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MysticStrummer1375d ago

I'd score it higher myself, though I also think it's not much different from it's PS3 counterpart. I haven't tried all the modes yet, but my one complaint so far is that the interactive streaming mode is far too easy unless people are constantly voting for Assault and Onslaught, and even those are easier than some parts of the regular Arcade mode. I started the streaming mode earlier today to kill time until the Planetside 2 servers came up, and ended up quitting the game because the people watching kept either not voting at all or voting for Helping Hand. By the time I quit I had a score over 111 million, 50 extra ships, and around 100 bombs. I said well you people refuse to make this challenging and I want to play Planetside 2, so I'm done. I guess I should have died over and over to save my score, but I didn't care enough.