Just Cause 3 - Buying Safehouses & Properties?

Money in Just Cause 2 never really had any value to it (in my opinion). It was pretty easy to get bulks of money, but when it came down to spending it, there wasn't exactly a bucket list on things to buy. Read the full article below to find out more

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SaveFerris1376d ago

Guns. Lots of guns, and maybe the ability to buy new barrels, sights etc? Although this could lead to microtransactions I guess, which would suck.

crazychris41241376d ago

Would be nice if you could upgrade the weapons on vehicles that you purchased. It was in the last game but it was very limited. You upgraded the entire vehicle for faster speed, better armor and sometimes you got better weapons. So maybe on a jeep with a turret you could upgrade from a .50 cal to a minigun. Jets could go from bombs that just drop to big homing missiles. Stunt points acquired when using that vehicle would give you a discount on performance upgrades for it. Stunt points were pretty useless in the last game so with this system you would want to drive off the cliff since you knew you would get an upgrade at a cheaper price.