EVOLVE Evacuation Gameplay With Cosplay Great Jessica Nigri

In a recent match, Gareth of Skewed and Reviewed was paired with Jessica Nigri, Cosplay great and sadly things did not go well for the team after a promising start.

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Garethvk1314d ago

Did not help her from those boulders being thrown her way.

killacal131314d ago

you wish you had those in your hand though

NiteX1313d ago

They would make great stress balls.

xer01313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Indeed - she's hot.
Nothing wrong with making the most from your assets :)

At least she's doesn't disgust me like gamer gate hypocrites (Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian).

Yi-Long1313d ago

Those 'stress balls' would probably tense me up though...

Gamer19821314d ago

Indeed she's less about the games and more about ruining the image of the gamer girl. All about the income with her and not about enjoying games. She's proof money does corrupt..

Soulscare1314d ago

Indeed. "Jessica Nigri' is just a character really. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't even like games at all and it's just part of her persona. Still, at least she doesn't act like she's the queen of games or pretend to know that she knows more than she does (like 90% of Gamergate) let her get on with it, if people want to prove their sexual frustration by giving her attention then whatever, no harm done.

LightDiego1314d ago

And she is not the only one...

Zero-One1313d ago

Don't you mean "sex sells"?

Dirtnapstor1313d ago

I think the thumbnail pic got a bigger response than the video, yes?
People need to chill out. She takes good care of herself and it shows. Negative comments towards an individual of great appeal come from complainers who could never meet the same standard. Ever. Don't like it, hit the gym and stop comparing yourself to others.

DragonKnight1313d ago

"Indeed she's less about the games and more about ruining the image of the gamer girl."

This comment and the agrees that follow it show an immense amount of the purest ignorance that has ever been shown on the internet. Clearly the only aspect of her that you know or care to know is her cosplay.

Pogmathoin1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

She seems to be smart about using her image to make a good financial success of her life..... Kudos to her.... Also people, click the link too....

Men discussing push up bras below.... My god what has this site come to 😂

ZombieKiller1313d ago

@Gamer1982: The front aftermarket body kit on her said that about her already!

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HammadTheBeast1314d ago

When did she ever become a "cosplay great"? We all know its not the costumes she's famous for.

kparks1313d ago

Why the hell do women with perfectly fine tits go and make them disgustingly huge? Stupid!

IrisHeart1313d ago

She was an A cup before actually. Different nose 2.

DragonKnight1313d ago

@IrisHeart: Sure she was, and sure it was.

JBaby3431313d ago

Disgustingly huge??? Those are a D at best. Average cup size for American women is a C. She is slightly above average. I'm a boob guy though so it doesn't get fun for me until DD. F is even better.

DragonKnight1313d ago

They aren't fake, she uses push up bras. In fact most women with larger chests have to use them, but even without that most cosplayers use them as well.

kparks1313d ago

Your out of ur mind if you think there real!

DragonKnight1313d ago

I know they're real. It's easy to tell if you pay attention. She's also said, several times, herself that they're real. Oh but I guess she's lying every time right?

DragonKnight1313d ago

@DemonChicken: The reddit pictures are already irrelevant as if you're trying to make the claim that she tripled her bra size then the reddit pictures don't show that as they are similar in size.

The other post you showed has 3 different pictures showing 3 different sizes, especially the middle picture in comparison with the final picture.

This kind of discussion is bordering on creepy though.

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CocoWolfie1314d ago

uh, nice thumbnail choice. is this article worthy tho? XD

Garethvk1314d ago

Its a video of gameplay with someone who N4G has a category on so I would say if she is considered enough to have her own category and it is gameplay from a recent release, then yes.

Crazay1314d ago

Good lawd....The things I would do to that.

Crazay1314d ago

You think the disagree I got was from an angry feminist gamer?

derrickgott0071314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Can she do anything without her tits hanging out?

Crazay1314d ago

why would you want her to?

SilentNegotiator1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Would she have a career in video games media if she didn't?

killacal131314d ago

OMG, it is just tits man, do you want her to be a pro gamer for you to consider her work?

Tdmd1313d ago

I know, right?! People here are so serious, self-righteous and easily offended. And it will rain disagrees on me now. ¬¬

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Grave1314d ago

Only thing I noticed was the ridiculously long load time.

Garethvk1314d ago

Servers are getting swamped for this and we are moving them to the faster ones this weekend as well.

thereapersson1314d ago

Long load....

pun intended?

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