Who’s Your Video Game Valentine? DualShockers’ Favorite Characters Of All Time

DualShockers Staff: "Ah, dear Valentine’s Day. The sweet scent of red roses, the taste of decadent chocolate and the glitter of expensive jewelry. Or, if you’re more cynical, it represents the day of broken hearts, tears and binging on ice cream until you puke."

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DarkOcelet1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Emily... Deadly Premonition

Aya Brea... Parasite Eve

Fran... FFXII

Leane... Resonance Of Fate

Claire Redfield.... Code Veronica :(

ajames3471400d ago

Great choices! Fran is one who I really love as well, as well as the very awesome Claire (and yes poor her ;___; )

DarkOcelet1400d ago

Fran and Balthier makes one hell of an awesome pair

JoGam1400d ago

Catherine is a great game to play on Valentine's Day.

ajames3471400d ago

Oooh nice choice too! I loved her in Soul Calibur as well :)

SaveFerris1400d ago

Jill Valentine. Vincent Valentine. Are there any other video game characters with 'Valentine' as their last name?

ajames3471400d ago

Chie is always best girl.

ninjahunter1400d ago

Chie confirmed best girl.

Rainbowcookie1400d ago

Sully -Uncharted

Earthworm Jim

Sub - Zero

Joel - Last of us

ajames3471400d ago

Yessss Earthworm Jim should always be there!

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The story is too old to be commented.