Top 5 Zombie Games of All Time

A video which takes a look at the over-saturated zombies in video games and chooses the best of an ever growing crop.

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ATi_Elite1401d ago

Breaking Point naff said.

Bansai1401d ago

I wouldn't say DR3 is the best zombie game out there... DL is way better if you ask me, but for me the best Z game will be State of Decay, perfect mix of survival with some fun gameplay mechanics.

Ashby_JC1400d ago

Loved State of Decay. I wa son the fence for awhile after release. Glad I made the purchase and look forward to the XB1 version!

burza19821401d ago

Old Resident Evils always will be first. No any First person or other crap.

WizzroSupreme1400d ago

Telltale's The Walking Dead was always about the people more than the zombies, which is why it's my favorite zombie game to date.

deester1400d ago

Dying light is the best it seems to hold me much more than the other titles in the list

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