Dying Light Patch 1.4.0 Released - Significantly Reduces RAM Usage, Brings Performance Improvements

Techland has released a new patch for the PC version of Dying Light that significantly reduces RAM memory usage and brings various performance improvements to it.

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jeromeface1370d ago

Ps4 coop connectivity patch would be nice... just sayin.

Aloy-Boyfriend1370d ago

a fix for the PS4 trophies would be nice...just sayin'

IaMs121370d ago

I think they already did patch it the other day. I had a 1.75gb patch.

Ozmoses1370d ago

the patch fixed the "Whole Story Trophy" glitch the other day...

a few other trophies might not pop at first but they are still achievable.. the only one that prevented people from getting the platinum was "The Whole Story" (complete all side quests) this website will answer any trophy concerns...

not hard.. just tedious if 1 or 2 don't pop... but yeah the platinum is attainable now..

janchagian1370d ago

here in EU Patch isn't out yet,and that's a shame

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traumadisaster1370d ago

So they haven't released a finished product. Yes it's good devs continue to work on improvements and patch games but it's bad when the standard is to release unfinished.

I've bought thousands worth of games each year and it all stops this year. My Backlog is to long to buy new when I can buy for $20 and patched on black friday.

Maxor1370d ago

This is the case for most of the game released on nextgen including most PS4 exclusives. So I'm not sure why you're singling out Dying Light. In terms of bugs and fixes this has been relatively on point.

Maxor1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Arrrgh double post.

zidane13411369d ago

how the hell is this not a finished product? Of course it is, just because it has bugs like every game ever doesnt mean somethings not finished, does it?

pumpactionpimp1370d ago

translation: A week or two after a hyped games initial release, we have finally made it playable.

Maxor1370d ago

Translation: I don't have the game but I'm bashing it.

1440p 60 fps all day after the day two patch.

pumpactionpimp1370d ago

you're correct, I don't own the game. If I ever do, it will be 6 months, to a year down the road when I can pay less than half of full price, and play the game without any bugs, performance issues, and all the content they will release that people will pay for.

This is the case for all games now. Some to a greater degree than others. You're speaking to someone who started gaming in arcades, and on atari. I miss the days when games came out, and worked. No patches, no reimbursements, no apologies, and no dlc. They actually came out with a whole game, no joke.

Games are more complicated, and systems are more diverse, I know that, and I'm a realist. I don't expect everything to be 100% perfect day one, at least not for pc games. But all games, except for console exclusives come out jacked up now. The worst part is people pay $60+ dollars for them, and are happy with the garbage they get. So have fun on your ultra high end pc at [email protected] because I will buy this game for 30% and play in a year or under on my 55in 4k tv @60fps, with no problems.

Yep, you showed me.

bumnut1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

What PC are you running? It is a demanding game and you would need a lot of power to run this at 4K 60fps.

pumpactionpimp1369d ago

I'm waiting for amd's offerings this generation. Then I'm going to make a decision on what card setup I'm going to go for. I have a i7 4790k, 16gb of ram, and an old hd7950 right now. Good for gaming at [email protected], but can't do 4k well at all.