DSOGaming - Evolve Review

Matt of DSOGaming writes: "After 4 days and over 10 hours of gameplay I think it is time for me to give my review of Evolve."

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Falconian1396d ago

Games are meant to be Entertainment, Not a heavy investment, after all the game is going to devalue rather very fast at there high price DLC, the cost of the game is enough to make millions for the devs and publishers, so why be so very GREEDY? we the game players have stud by for long enough being ripped off, and then they want seasonal pass cost to be added as well.

I't just not on.

Ghoul1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Falconian, its rather simple most of the time,

Investors give theyre money to 2K, i assume 2K promised to build a modular shooter game based on DLC extensions wich can be extended into oblivion = high revenue over a longer time then a simple release window.

Investors then demand from 2K a Business Model and game concept to prove theyre promises.

BAMM there you go you, evovle dlc and retail price plan.

Most likely they made such a price plan to get invest money even after release to make those dlc`s, normally the investment stops on release, by promising a longlivity over dlc`s you can secure funds after release. Getting you invest money long after release.

im serious i bet my ass thats what happend there.

Im totally against such practices, but only a failed promise to the investors will change such invest methods.