The Catfish Killer (Satire)

We received an email 2 days ago sent from a [email protected], the email contained: a 5 minute video of a person playing GTA Online, some incoherent rambling about Willem Dafoe, although he is spoken of like a God of some kind and a promise that more videos would follow. At the video’s start we are given a disclaimer about poor quality audio due to the PS4’s recording function limitations so it is safe to say this person is operating only on the PS4 version of GTA Online. The video’s creator goes on to state that he/she “lures horny young men to their doom” “under the guise of a horny 19 year old girl” via the game’s in-game text messaging system. The act of pretending to be someone you’re not using social media is known as Catfishing.

What follows is sickening footage of a masked man luring 2 young Danish men to Cape Catfish on the North East of San Andreas, hence why we are dubbing this person ‘The Catfish Killer’. We decided to post the video, even though that is what the killer wants, to raise awareness and to maybe prevent something like this happening again. View discretion is advised, the following imagery may disturb some.

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