Face-Off: Evolve

Previous builds of Turtle Rock's Evolve showed promise, thanks to the combination of impressive CryEngine-powered visuals and a unique take on the traditional team-based multi-player shooter - but at the same time the experience was let down by technical issues ranging from slow and inconsistent matchmaking to unstable netcode, leading to player disconnects. Launching with a massive 3GB day one update that promises to fix a wide range of bugs, alongside performance improvements, the good news is that the final version of Evolve provides a significantly better online experience than the pre-release code you may have already played.

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GribbleGrunger1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Dear Lord, Eurogamer are becoming too transparent. The PS4 runs better and has sharper graphics because of the higher resolution but they find it difficult to decide on a winner because it 'SEEMS' (they're not entirely sure) that the online runs smoother on the XB1. Oh how things have changed over there since last generation...

"Making a firm recommendation on which to buy is a little challenging: the PS4's 1080p resolution gives it a slightly more refined experience, and performance is a little more stable too. However, this is an online-focused title and the backing infrastructure here doesn't seem quite as robust as it is on Xbox One and PC."

jackanderson19851371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

it's a primarily online game... if the netcode on the PS4 is crap (the up to 20 minutes wait time would say it is) that would diminish the games quality.....yeah it wins out on 1080p vs 900p but loses massively on game wait time

picking and choosing quotes is fun,

"For example, matchmaking is a more inconsistent experience on Sony's system, often leaving you waiting between five and 20 minutes"

@below wouldn't more players decrease the wait times to find a game as there would be more opportunity to find a game? also who says it's sold more on the PS4 could have sold crap on the PS4 for all we know

also how many games last generation were geared towards primarily online play? say COD i'm pretty sure that ran better on the 360 or at least on par with the PSN.... also EG recently changed their whole system. DF being a part of EG would indicate they need to bring into play the more important aspects of a game... like say the netcode for a primarily multiplayer game...... no point having a pretty looking game if you can do nothing with it

GribbleGrunger1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

That could be because the PS4 version has far more people playing it ... Just a thought. Evolve has sold a lot more on the PS4.

This indecision is complete nonsense. They know full well which version they should be advising people to buy, which is something they did all last generation, but they're now trying to find any reason they can to avoid making that choice. What next? Battery life?

edit: Going by Amazon, the PS4 version was a ahead in sales for quite some time, but then both versions crashed out of the top 20 pretty rapidly.

You could be right I suppose, but it still doesn't change the fact that waiting a little longer to play a game (if that's the case because they use the word 'seem') does not in any way offset a version that looks and performs better.

They moved to framerates after realising the XB1 couldn't compete graphically, even when the difference was only 2 - 3 Frames per second and only occasionally, but now the PS4 actually has both the better graphics AND the more stable framerate, they use a slight difference in the time it takes for matchmaking.

Jesus, come on LOL.

vishmarx1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

jesus christ, this is digital comedy.
theyre meant to do tech analysis.why is it so important to add a "but it doesnt matter' at the end of every advantage ps4 has.
why not just say xbox controller is better and green>blue so xbox is the winner.
the sony hate is just too damn apparent at this point. how can we possibly take EG seriously.
just because the guy testing has connection problems doesnt mean everyone has them.
first the order articles and now this.
during the orders tech analysis they stopped writing about the tech after a paragraph and started talking about how games need to innovate and how the order sucks at everything better on ps4 and they play 'xbl>psn' card so either versions are the same.
how the hell can you include the netcode in an analysis when you have absolutely no way of analyzing it ?

breakpad1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Eurogamer were always Xbox friendly...since PS3 /X360 era they always find smthing to diminish Playstations results ....

GribbleGrunger1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

The point is, last gen DF had a legitimate reason to advise people to go with the 360 version but now they have the same legitimate reason to advise people to go with the PS4 version, they choose not to.

That's the crux of my complaint and the reason they're currently getting slaughtered on GAF.

starchild1370d ago

Well, having read the comparison I think some of you are skewing things just a bit and screaming bias when there doesn't seem to be any.

Yes, they gave a slight edge to the PS4 version graphically, but if you read the comparison you will see that both versions have their graphical advantages and it sounds like the overall difference isn't that significant.

The Xbox One version has a lower 1600 x 900 resolution, but it does have some advantages in other areas.

"The level of anisotropic filtering remains noticeably lower on the PS4, blurring texture details on the ground as a result, while streaming is often a little slower than Xbox One - particularly at the beginning of a game. While we see the same highly detailed artwork and shader effects bestowed across the lush landscapes and characters, lower quality LOD (level of detail) models are sometimes displayed for longer on PS4 compared to the other versions."

As far as the framerate, it seems they were pretty close here too.

"During gameplay we encounter short pauses that immediately break up the flow of the action, whether we're exploring the environment or engaging in combat. Frame-time measurements suggest that we're looking at 300-333ms pauses on both consoles - that's a third of a second where the game temporarily locks up. It's hardly a game-breaker, but it's somewhat disconcerting"

"What we can say is that with the code to hand, the Xbox One version seems to hitch like this more often than its PS4 equivalent."

So if they trade punches in graphical areas and the PS4 version only has a minor performance advantage, it seems reasonable that the online stability could weigh pretty heavily and make deciding a clear victor somewhat difficult.

In any case, it's obvious the PC version has the most advantages: better graphics, better performance and solid online stability.

Graphics and performance: PC>>>PS4>XB1
Online stability: PC/XB1>PS4

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Bennibop1370d ago

What a joke, the matchmaking on ps4 does not take up to 20 mins have played loads of games and never had to wait more than 2mins. This has nothing to do with live or psn infrastructure this seems to be the trend with eurogamer to show the ps4 version runs better but they do not like to admit it in the closing summary.

BallsEye1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

I wonder why they removed shadows on ps4?? Taken from eurogamer, wonder how come they don't watch their own comparisons. Care to explain what's going on here?

Just click between them. PS4 has sharper image but it's clear that it was at the cost of dynamic shadows and LOD. For LOD just look at rockly cliffs just above the crosshair. Funny how it's all about 1080p but no one notice other differences.

starchild1370d ago

The shadows certainly seem to be missing in the PS4 version in that shot. What's going on there?

ziggurcat1370d ago


right, ballseye... because *one* instance where there are shadows missing = them sacrificing dynamic shadows for a better PS4 resolution... you're grasping at straws. obvious bug in the PS4 version is obvious.

dantesparda1370d ago

It says right in the article where those pics are that the shadow difference is caused by "Changing lighting and environmental conditions results in variable light and shadow positions across all three platforms."

Its right there in the description, yet you fanboys completely disregard it and just want to push your biased agenda. Well fanboys will be fanboys.

NerdStalker1370d ago

You actually studied those videos hard didn't you ballseye, I wish I had all the time in the world like you do to point out such petty differences.

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GribbleGrunger1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

edit: I haven't got a clue what happened there.

LifeInNZ1370d ago

Well, looks like because of all the rich environmental damage and deformations taking place...actually, wait...

This game to me screamed for the need to make the environment a much bigger part of the experience. Imagine if you could cause rock falls to trap or crush the beast, start fires to corner it, dam water flows to draw it out of hiding or cause floods to slow it down / drown it.

This game could have been so much more.

Fro_xoxo1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )


A better controller and online infrastructure (it's an online game)


1080p and a little better stability. hmmm..

What platform would I play Evolve on? (besides a PC)


"That could be because the PS4 version has far more people playing it ... Just a thought. Evolve has sold a lot more on the PS4. "

Your spin is so strong. . . More people online = hard to find games.
What kind of logic is that?

GribbleGrunger1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

You know, when someone acknowledges they could be wrong about something, the gentlemanly thing to do is not then take a statement out of context. Just a tip for the future there. And by the way, people have been complaining about Evolves online on ALL platforms. This is about honest, nothing else. The reason this site exists is to compare graphics and performance of those graphics, but for some reason they're now including things they never did before. It's frigin' obvious why.

Fro_xoxo1371d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Here's a tip for you: Don't let your bias get the best of you. Think objectively.

For an ONLINE game. The most important aspect of it is the NETCODE. In this case, the PS4's Netcode is the most sub-par of the three. And you expect DF not to mention that in a comparison, so the PS4 version can seem flawless.

DF is not limited to resolution and framerates. They need to inform of us every pro and con related to the games.

"For example, matchmaking is a more inconsistent experience on Sony's system, often leaving you waiting between five and 20 minutes"

That is a big deal. A possible deal-breaker in fact. Although, a fix can be made at a later stage.

GribbleGrunger1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

You wouldn't know what 'objective' meant. And clearly, neither does Eurogamer. You see in black and white which is why you think my view is biased. It's NOT a biased view, it's a view of fairness and equality. You DO NOT change the goalposts from one generation to the next just because your bias towards one company necessitates it. That is what Eurogamer are doing here and it's the reason they've now become something of a joke on sites like Gaf.

The PS4 runs better and looks better and their view on the online is completely subjective. Many people have had no problems online with the PS4 and conversely, lot's of people have had problems online with the XB1. What does that tell you? It tells you that at any given point one console may 'seem' (the word Eurogamer used) to perform slightly better online.

This is why they avoided 'subjective' information last generation and stuck to graphics and graphics performance. That was the POINT of the site but suddenly they want to include anything they can to downplay the differences and avoid 'advising' people on which version is best.

The bigger majority of multiplatform games ran better on the 360 last generation, that's why I advised my friends to buy a 360 if they were more interested in multiplatform games. As a Sony fan, how the hell could I do that?! (shock/horror). It's called objectivity. I would now advise my friends to buy a PS4 for the same reason.

Don't try to tutor wiser people than yourself on objectivity.

Dudebro901370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )


Dude your spin is unbelievable. It's very clear you are biased towards one system. Which is fine, but when you try so hard to spin something in your favor, you just end up looking foolish.

GribbleGrunger1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

LOL. You are accusing me of spin in a thread about Eurogamer who have just spun their own information in order to avoid advice on which console version to get? The PS4 version looks better and runs better. It's not me spinning, it's me exposing the spin from Eurogamer. Your needs are clearly more than mine. I own a PS4 so spin isn't necessary.

You may have noticed this is becoming quite a trend amongst multiplats. Surely you do don't want to add 'denial' into the conversation? It would only be spin if the information from a site dedicated to graphics and graphics performance favoured the XB1 but it doesn't, it favours the PS4. Truth and honesty is all I'm interested in.

SIdepocket1370d ago

@ Gribble

That you can't even spot your obvious logical fallacies is always amusing. We all get that you'll do anything to spin something in Sony's favor, why not stop embarrassing yourself even more than you have?

Also, why does someone your age even CARE about which console maker has more sales? You're old enough to be my grandfather - I feel truly sorry for you that this is how you spend your days. I would expect that from teenagers, not someone almost 60.

Grow up dude.

GribbleGrunger1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Do you know what spin is? You are in a thread in which Eurogamer has said the PS4 version is the better looking and better performing game. To accuse me of spin is to spin. You seem to have overlooked the whole point of what I have said. If matchmaking is what you look for in a title then here's your game. The XB1 is a great console and I'm sure you'll enjoy Evolve.

But at least you've reminded me why I don't post as often here as I used to. Between Sony fanboys (hate that word) going into XB1 only threads and giving Sony fans a bad name, and Xbots (another name I hate) going into PS4 only threads and giving Xbox fans a bad name, this place is a nightmare.

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vishmarx1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

ps4's better fps and better resolution can be proved scientifically.which is DF's damn job .
the two things you mentioned and nothing more than an opinion and a highly variable instance. niether of which should have anything to do with the article.
nobody is saying psn>xbl.
but this argument has no place in a game's tech analysis

T2X1370d ago

Well, the real deciding factor is being overlooked. It would probably depend on what system your friends are on, so that you can play together. Wouldn't that make sense? They act like we all have both platforms and agonize over things like stable frame rates and if the resolution is 1080P or not. HA! Eggheads acting like eggheads.

hello121370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

The level of anisotropic filtering remains noticeably lower on the PS4,blurring texture details on the ground as a result, while streaming is often a little slower than Xbox One - particularly at the beginning of a game

Its dying light all over again. Honestly why is this absent constantly on the PS4.

Well according to DF is at a lower level compared to x box 1. It wasn't there at all for dying light.

[email protected] Sony obviously want 1080p games and so do Playstation fans and they get mad when it does not happen.

I don't know why the x box 1 has the superior anisotropic filtering, honestly and truly. I only mention this because the PS4 is the more powerful console.

Dudebro901370d ago

I wonder if it has an impact on the frame rate or resolution, and Sony it's encouraging 1080p as top priority.

Dario_DC1370d ago

You probably forgot about PS4 better image quality, better frame rate and Ambient occlusion. Yes it seems at the beginning of the matches it takes longer to load some textures but that's a fraction of time to do so (can be fixed with a faster Hard drive).
BTW here's the verdict for dying light:
"Between the two console versions we definitely have to give the nod to the PS4 version with its improved frame-rate and better texture streaming, its higher resolution, and a near complete lack of screen-tear."
Next time learn your facts.

GribbleGrunger1370d ago

Yes, that's definitely something that needs to be addressed. It's quite odd because most games have no problem with that on the PS4, especially exclusives, and from what I can tell it's not exactly taxing on GPUs.

MasterCornholio1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

I have an amazing internet connection so I wouldn't have a problem with either of the versions.

But if I could choose from all three of them it would be PC first, then PS4 and lastly Xbox One.

That's just my opinion though.

Volkama1370d ago

Your home connection is just one factor in whether not you have connection problems. If the matchmaking servers are terrible or your game is hosted in Botswana then you're still going to suffer.

It would be interesting to know how Evolve's servers and matchmaking are hosted, as that'd give us a better idea of whether there are actually real differences, or whether Digital Foundry are wrong about this. They were quite non-committal with it.

MasterCornholio1370d ago

I know what your saying but overall I don't have issues playing online.

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