5 Voice Actors Who Delivered Oscar Worthy Performances

This week A Pixelated View takes a look at video game voice actors who delivered Oscar worthy performances.

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ArchangelMike1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Troy Baker definately deserves some kind of awared, especially for his work as Joel in TLOU. The only things is, he's a bit everywhere though There should be a category for "most over used voice actors" :)

I tell you who I loved their voice work - Mirand Raison aka Cassandra from DA:I. I so romanced her, just for that voice! XD

Check it out

Kal-V31129d ago

As much as i like Troy Baker. His performance as Joel would not have been nearly as good if it wasn't for Neil Druckman's direction. Watch the Grounded documentary. He was hamming it up there for a bit.

assdan1129d ago

Troy baker and Nolan North would be tied for most overused voice actors. The reason they're used so much though is because they are without a doubt the best voice actors gaming has ever seen.

bangoskank1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

If ever a performance in a video game deserved an Oscar it's Troy Baker's Joel and Neil Druckmann should get one for directing him so well. Edit: Just noticed Kalv3 pretty much said the same thing.

DigitalRaptor1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Great list.

But there's going to be the need for a couple more entries on the list if early talk about The Order: 1886's story, characterisation and performances are anything to go by.

We're talking The Last of Us levels here.

1129d ago
SaveFerris1129d ago

Courtnee Draper did a great job with Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite IMO.

1129d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.