PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 - Video and Animated GIF Show Lock Picking, the Steampunk Way

What happens when you put together the ancient art of lock picking, Nikola Tesla’s genius and the lovely steampunk-ish setting of The Order: 1886?

The answer is in this video.

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markyboy21811031d ago

someone seen a stream of this last night n he went from chapter 5 through to 9 in bout 15 mins!!!!!!!!! he said 2 of them was cutscenes wiv no gameplay . i want my money back

Kamikaze001031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

"2 of them was cutscenes wiv gameplay".. You should get money back for the education you received.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )


Well I guess we know why you have one bubble. How about just wait until the game release and then judge it? Also you might want to learn how to spell.

Kryptix1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

He must of have blacked out into a seizure in between those chapters because he couldn't handle it's greatness.

Allsystemgamer1031d ago

I just beat chaoter 9 and can guarantee you're full of crap

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joeorc1031d ago

Oh' just like how many bobby pin's do you need to pick the real hard locks in fallout 3, and how do you pick locks.


Can people just please for the love of god; just give it a freaking rest already? Its a part of the game and how to do something in it, its informing people a player interactive function so players would know what to expect. How is that a negative thing?

This was a good video for gamers, to see what its going to be when getting passed locks in the game.

Insomnia_841031d ago

Watching a stream right now.

MasterCornholio1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Check out twitch or Live from PlayStation on your PS4. You can also view the streams from the PlayStation app.

Better hurry before the streams get taken down.

Omran1031d ago


I will not bother myself because the game will arrive tomorrow or after in my area so I will play it by myself thanks for the response . . .

DeadManMMX1031d ago

These came in last night. I've got to admit I was so close to printing out a sticker for another PS4 game of equal price and slapping it over the UPC just so I could take it home with me. It was a momentary fever though. I will wait....I will wait....*focuses*. I will wait.I really hope this game lives up to its potential.

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