TOP 5 Sexiest Females Characters In Video Games

The Tyuno Project: "It’s that time of the month again, Valentine Day is here and love is in the air. Since Valentine’s Day is today, I decided to create a TOP 5 list decided to the most sexiest ladies in gaming. My list will be composed of women who are tough, strong, and has a nice set of… well you know. So with that being said, here is my TOP 5 most sexiest female characters in video games."

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VTKC1284d ago

Kitana looks like Michael Jackson under that veil so no. What about Mai Shiranui since the boobs are relevant as DOA girls are mentioned. Taki from Soul Calibur?

DualWielding1284d ago

No Aya Brea, your list fails

level 3601284d ago

Ivy Valentine is all CGI-great womanly curves. Top pick.

Chloe Frazer of Uncharted is also a minx.

OutcastMosquito1283d ago

Seriously Chloe? I didn't really like her proportions for some reason and her hair looks like burnt spaghetti. I think Cassandra from soul caliber to be one of gaming a cutest.

quiddd1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Miranda Lawson

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