Xbox One version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege gets preorder discount

The preorder price for the Xbox One version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege has been discounted to $52.99.

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overrated441374d ago

It's like they know it's going to be broken when it's released so they want to give you a discount early. (This has nothing to do with it being a Rainbow Six game and more to do with the fact that it's an Ubisoft game).

shloobmm31373d ago

I won't take away everything Ubisoft has accomplished over the past twenty years because of one down year. For every ACU there was a Far Cry 4 that was perfect. A few glitches didn't ruin those experiences for me.

overrated441373d ago

This was meant to be a joke, but...we're on N4G so fanboy out I suppose.

Grave1374d ago

If you pre-order anything from Ubisoft or EA you are an idiot.

KarmaV121374d ago

Sorry for enjoying games

Silly gameAr1374d ago

People don't enjoy games anymore. They prejudge games and tell people not to get excited for them or you're killing gaming. Welcome to the new gen.

LOL_WUT1374d ago

Hating a game before it comes out seems to be the new thing nowadays. After hardline ill look forward to pre ordering this or maybe closer to launch ;)

GreetingsfromCanada1374d ago

It's against the gamer code to enjoy game from unapproved devs

Edward751374d ago

@ grave

What if you plan on getting it day one? (An EA or ubisoft game) No matter what people think of the game releasing bug filled.

I will preorder The next mass effect as soon as I can. Do I think that lately many games have released with major bugs, yes.
I like getting posters, and T-shirts from being one of the first to preorder games at my local store.
I like being able to preorder special editions with many of the physical additions.
I don't think at this stage in console gaming, or gaming period , bugs are in nearly all games regardless of the pub/developer.
Halo, Assasins creed, Driveclub, little big planet, and recently Evolve.(progress eliminating bug that hit me twice)

It all depends on how much you think you will enjoy the game, how much worth you still think the game will have, and the fact that you know it could be jacked up.

If people didn't preorder games based on those things, it could mess up the order of things. Including advertising, amount of time and effort being reduced due to low hype/preorder totals. A bigger issue is games that release in one specific area, or one console.

It effects if the next version will be ported over to a different console at times, or a small effect availability of a game even if the game is totally finished with no bugs.

A game that comes to mind is Xenoblade saga.
Great game, great reviews, no real bugs. It had horrible preorder numbers. It has become a game that rights were given to gamestop to put the game out there, causing it to be produced in smaller quantities.

gamerfan09091374d ago

Lol I already see the anti Ubisoft idiots coming out in full force. I won't make my point on N4G mainly because any post that's not anti MS, EA, Ubisoft or not slurping Sony gets you 30 day bans, your bubbles removed, and you posts marked as trolling. It's funny how little big planet 3 and Driveclub had broken launches and no one ever talks about that but Ubi and EA gets destroyed our a couple of games with bad launches.

Funny how no one ever brings up the games that work flawlessly like Madden 15, Peggle, EA UFC, Far Cry 4, Rayman, Watchdogs, not to mention to numerous releases over the last decade that have been released and ran perfectly. The people that post this nonsense do it out of bias. I have no clue how a game getting a great discount which benefits consumers gets turned into an negative. But this is the gaming society we live in right now. Full of trolls that trash gaming publishers, console makers, and developers, and then endlessly praise companies who do the same exact thing.

Edward751374d ago

Read my comment above! Sooo many titles are broken day one. We take that chance preordering, but we hope that it turns out how we want it to. Thus why we preorder!

GreetingsfromCanada1374d ago

I'm pretty sure the digital pre-order for the Witcher 3 was $52.99 a while ago on PS4. I don't know how to react to that.

dreamed1374d ago

Ppl are just fed up with spending $60 to £60 for day one broken products.

I too am really sick of it,never gonna pre order a game ever again,i've been burnt so many times i've lost count.

Nowadays its almost a given that most games wont work at launch.

Grave1373d ago

Exactly. That is the new norm. Wait for them to get fixed and pick em up on a Steam Sale.

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