DLC is Why Your Game ONLY Costs $60

The recent controversy around Evolve and its copious amounts of additional paid downloadable content (DLC) means that this is a good as time as any to discuss the climate of video game prices, specifically of the AAA variety.

To recap, Evolve has launched to generally positive critical reception, a unique 4v1 concept that we've lusted for after watching Predator all those years ago. Many players do not enjoy it it because it is light on content, but we'll digress and use it as an example for this DLC discussion.

The user reaction? Not so glowing. A quick peek at Evolve's Steam page brings attention to dozens of customer reviews lambasting the game for its paid DLC, complaining that they're being pushed to spend even more money after paying the base price for the base game, which is the standard $60.

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DarkOcelet1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

"So, what are players complaining about? Chiefly, paying for cosmetic items.
To be frank, this is hardly a new or alarming concept. Free-to-play games, like Dota 2 and League of Legends, have built their empires on the concept of paid cosmetic DLC. “Whales,” often wealthy individuals with money to throw around, support the rest of the community’s free access to the games that they enjoy. If other players want to buy a skin or two, they have that option too."

You just gave two examples of F2P games. That are actually amazing and doesnt even require you to pay money to win. And using cosmetics in those games to support the developer is OK because the game is already free!

This game, people already paid 60$. They already paid for the full game. So why the hell every one feels it is so light on content?

Its funny though, Skyrim Budget was roughly estimated at 85 million dollars. And it got back $1,290,000,000 in revenue. You know why? Because it had enough content to last you over 300 hours without dlc and it was 60$ and no one from the developers said it should cost more. This here doesn't even have enough content to worth 30$. I mean WTF!

Please stop defending this greedy blatant POS developer and publisher.

M337ING1371d ago

It's difficult to compare Evolve, which requires much investment up front and is unproven, to Skyrim, which is a team of developers who are already quite familiar with how to develop their game and are then able to focus on content.

I think the crux of the article is not about Evolve, but about how paid DLC means we haven't seen a price increase for many years. Remember, games have cost $60 since 2005. That's remarkable when you consider inflation, and not even the rise of budgets.

lipton1011370d ago

$60 is not much concerning the work that goes into these games and the budget required to make an AAA release. It takes a lot of people to make a game. Specially trained skilled people. These people are expensive to hire. They pay for their skills, this is not a time / labor for money type of job such as that with a cashier or stock associate. Games have become more expensive to make over time. Our dollar has devalued over that same time, while game prices have stayed relatively static over the past 10 years. $60 is not enough for one game. But the U.S. market won't support any higher, so say hello to DLC. DLC nowadays completes a game, it doesn't just supplement it as in the past. These studios need to market DLC to survive and recoup the massive costs involved in making a game. Source: MBA and logical thinking

yewles11371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

*spits out coke and laughs hysterically at the title*

The delusion is real... XD

lipton1011370d ago

You're either uneducated or ignorant. Game development costs have went up dramatically. Game prices have stayed static over 10 years, and when adjusted for inflation, the cost of a game is now less than in 2006 (because the dollar is worth less than it was in the past). DLC completes games now, they're not just supplemental. You can whine all you want about the prices but there's no such thing as a free lunch pal

yewles11370d ago

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, you must've had a part in this article. XD

IIFloodyII1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

My games in the UK cost 75-85 dollars, they also have DLC.
The reason your games are $60 is because the rest of us pay more, DLC has nothing to do with it.

DemonChicken1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

20% goes to the government in taxes - VAT

The reason we pay more is because of the government

pompombrum1371d ago

This, our government shafts us on electronics tax, we always pay more sadly.

starchild1370d ago

Exactly. It's unbelievable that some people don't understand this.

@ IIFloodyII

That's not true. That extra money goes to the government, not the developers.

lipton1011370d ago

But what about other taxes? Do you guys also have federal, state and local income taxes? I took IB for my undergrad but I thought I remembered hearing at one time that your income taxes are lower and sales tax, or the Value Added Tax (VAT) in Europe, is higher to compensate to stabilize tax rates and limit loopholes across all income levels (screwing those less off in the process, but that's a different conversation.)

IIFloodyII1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

@DemonChicken and Starchild
The price has still increased over the last few years, it was £40-£45 for a game now it's £50-£55 some even go up to £60 (a little over 90$).

Oh and I was only using the UK as an example, it's even worse in places like Australia and most of Europe.

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Rimeskeem1371d ago

Why did games cost less and have no DLC 15-20 years ago then?

GreetingsfromCanada1371d ago

Adjusted for inflation they cost around $90-$100.
Read all of it and learn oh ignorant one.

Griever1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

You need to look beyond just inflation. Technology was much more expensive back then. Every piece of technology was more expensive in the 90s than it is today. It does not means they have to be the same price today or be even more expensive because of inflation. Things become cheaper as costs come down, market size increases and the then cutting-edge manufacturing processes become today's norm. Developers need to control their costs if they want to improve their profitability instead of ripping off customers. Why the hell are you defending them so vehemently? Would you be happier paying $100 for each game? You sure do not sound like a rational customer who looks for more bang for his buck.

souldestroyer141370d ago

Ignorant? He was asking a question.. Seeking knowledge. That's not ignorance and you're a jerk ;)

pompombrum1371d ago

Inflation argument aside, it's not really comparable 15-20 years ago because game studios required a lot less people to create the games.

Jubez1871370d ago

you dont think development costs have increased JUST a little bit since the 80s?

uth111370d ago

read the article. Game development budgets were much much lower back then

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