Reasons Why PS4 is Outselling the XBOX ONE

GamerBolt: "Can you name a bad console that has sold well? I can't. I can think of a great one that is selling amazingly well, though."

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badboyz091399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Same Reasons Why PS1 Dominated it's competition?
Same Reasons Why PS2 Dominated it's competition?
Same Reasons Why PS3 after it's mistakes managed to bounceback?


DarkOcelet1399d ago

BECAUSE I AM BATMAN! That kinda popped into my head when you said reason lol :)

On topic:

I am preferring PS4 right now because it has exclusives that interest me and because its still cheaper than the Xone here. No price cut here at all.

Abash1399d ago

I really believe that consumers are now looking at the near future line-up of games, and they see the PS4 has big exclusives like The Order: 1886 releasing next week with Bloodborne and MLB 15 The Show out next month. Needless to say, those exclusives make the PS4 look a lot more attractive

Jaqen_Hghar1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

lol Xbox gave up in Europe they know only Americans and UK (and a man is American and is sad as a gamer that they still buy Xbox) fall for MS's shenanigans. PS is the one and only and the dominant console for 4 straight gens for a reason. Who else could've sold at $600 and lived to dominate another gen? nobody else.

Cindy-rella1399d ago

Reasons why the best console this generation is outselling the other consoles

USA0071398d ago

@jaqen_hghar I think you're forgetting the wii.

xHeavYx1398d ago

Nice try, but you don't sell almost 20m consoles on hype alone.

Muerte24941398d ago

Take-Two said consoles exceed 29 million shipped at the end of 2014. Sony announced they shipped 19.9 million shipped and 18.5 million sold through. Now this doesn't leave alot of room for Xbox One. We still haven't heard an announcement that they hit 10 million shipped either. Take from that what you will.

subtenko1398d ago

Exactly, Its PLAYSTATION! Which is the worldwide favorite console of choice :D

XBLSkull1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Simple. The 150 million PS2 users who were let down by the awful PS3 have been dying to get their hands on a new PlayStation in hopes that it is better than the PS3. PS3 was only able to get a little over 50% of the sales the PS2 had. Considering how much gaming has grown over the past few years there were also a ton of new gamers who passed on the PS3 as well. Playstation lost a lot of users last generation.

PS2: 150M -> PS3: 80M
Xbox: 25M -> X360: 80M

Those original PS2 fans are just excited for a new Playstation. I'm one of them. I got a PS3 about half way through the generation only to be ultimately disappointed in a gaming machine but luckily it was a great media center. Had my PS4 for a year now and so far the same disappointment but this year actually has games worth playing, I just hope I can get that media functionality sooner rather than later and finally retire the PS3 for good.

Dee_911398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )


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Rimeskeem1399d ago

It's also known for having some of the greatest devs....

ArchangelMike1399d ago

This is what will win it for Sony this gen - great Devs, great new IP's, great exclusives, great games!

QSPR1398d ago

This video define what Playstation is!!!

PlayStation - Official "4 The Players since 1995" Commercial:

SheenuTheLegend1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

the momentum they build by releasing so many great exclusives at the end of the PS3 lifecycle. Even the xbox fans missed PlayStation at that time
i think that really helped the PS4.

and on the other hand there was nothing on XBox 360 on the same time period.

rainslacker1398d ago

No one can deny that Sony finished out last gen with a bang. Some awesome exclusives came out the last couple years leading up to the PS4's release.

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Nirvana315911399d ago


Street Fighter 5
The Order 1886
Blood borne
Persona 5
No mans sky
Until Dawn
Ratchet and Clank
Tear away unfolded
The Forest
The tomorrow children
Everybody's gone to the rapture
Drawn to death
Deep Down
Let it Die
Hell blade
Grim Fandango
Shadow of the beast
Final Fantasy X HD Remaster
Dungeon defenders 2
MLB 15
Yakuza Zero
Dragon Quest Heroes
Disgaea 5

Captain_Wormy1399d ago

You forgot METAL GEAR! Only reason I went with PS4 is for MGSV.

hasamalaha1399d ago

Captain he was listing exclusives.

Retroman1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

@ nirvana

U also forgot 2015 NFS

Hanso1399d ago

Thanky you for listing Ys and Disgaea
so many people forget those .. lol

HaveAsandwich1398d ago

helldivers.....coming soon too

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Jaqen_Hghar1399d ago

best first party in the industry (only competition is NIntendo and unfortunately they don't have 3rd party even though a man bought WiiU). and that's only that close because PS3 was actually supported till the end of the gen unlike 360 which was abandoned after 2011. in 2013 PS3 still got Sly, Puppeteer, TLoU, Beyond, and GoW. 360 got Gears judgement. That shows who won over gamers more with their software. One company will leave you out to dry while the other will support their system till the end.

madpuppy1398d ago

@Jaqen_Hghar, I'm a little confused?

Are you referring to yourself in the third person?

DarXyde1398d ago


Uh oh, someone hasn't read or watched Game of Thrones.

pelida1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )


Well... you can't exactly read about Jaqen in GOT, he appears in A clash of Kings

madpuppy1398d ago


I'm not really a big fan of medieval style anything. So, you are right, a "game of thrones" reference would be insider info to me. :P

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Travis37081399d ago

Power of Playstation


ovnipc1399d ago

I have one ps4 and 2 x1. But one of my x1 it's acting stupid im thinking to sell it and get it another ps4. With the Xbox i use one gold for two profiles and share digital games. Can i do the same with two ps4's?

SniperControl1399d ago

Yes. I usually go halves on games with a mate. If you have paid for the game from the PSN, all they need is your login details. They then download the game on your profile, once downloaded, they just switch back to there own profile. But, be warned, you can only do this on two PS4's per game. .

3-4-51399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Real reason ?

They got the media hype behind them and giving PS4 their full support.

Media convinced everyone you " have to have a PS4 ", but those same media were the people bashing the games released for the PS4.....

That + Sony fans and gaming fans in general happy to see the Playstation brand back to a healthy and respectable level.

deecee331398d ago

Sony just plain knocked it out of the park this time. Start of last generation I fully expected I'd be buying an MS console this time around after owning a PS3 and going through the hiccups it had early on with 360 ports being better. But the PS4 has just gone from strength to strength.

Magicite1398d ago

Pureisutēshon in Japanese :D

geddesmond1398d ago

Its always been about the exclusives for me. Every generation Sony has created some amazing franchises that are the reason I'm a gamer today.

acemonkey1398d ago

have a bubble sir

good pricing. read some of the comments on the site damn worst then some on here

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ArchangelMike1399d ago

Haven't we aready had this discussion to death yet? Yeah Sony had a better and more focused launch, while Microsoft dropped the ball. However Microsoft have since have pulled themselves together.

I agree that it will be a very intersting E3 this year though, I'm sure both parties will come out swinging with their respective VR devices. I hope they showcase AAA games running on VR. Man I hope they release them this year... here's to hoping.

Jaqen_Hghar1399d ago

Ms revealed a bunch of super far off titles last E3 to appear to keep up. what are they gonna do show off a bunch of 2017 titles this year to keep up the appearance that they have as many first parties (they don't). Playstation reveals LBP3 and releases it a few months later. MS reveals scalebound and crackdown and will release them in 2016 sometime. Expect more of the same this E3 with MS revealing even FARTHER into the future to keep up appearances while Playstation keeps things close to launch to show that they actually have stuff releasing and in more plentiful quantity. bloodborne and LBP3 revealed less than a year before launch. Xbox games revealed years in advance to keep up the illusion of parity. Let's get this out of the way they will reveal a new forza because it's the madden of exclusives now and will relase in October or November. Doesn't matter because they release it every year and it's essentially an EA sports franchise at this point. sure you can count it in exclusives if you really want to be desperate.

BitbyDeath1399d ago

It's all about the games, last year MS had nothing from titanfall releasing in March till October when forza or sunset released. This year is even worse as they have no games till October/November. Where as Sony have a new exclusive almost every month of the year.

WilDRangeRfc1399d ago

Lies theres a few coming soon including the excellent State Of Decay

Ciporta19801399d ago

State of decay which I bought on pc for £3.74 more than a year ago? YAY CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Manic20141398d ago

"They have no games until October/November"

At least get you facts right! Screamride will be releasing in March, then they have sate of decay releasing in May 1st. Fable legends is also rumoured to be releasing early in the summer.

Thereafter we have:
Halo 5
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Forza 6
Ori and the blind forest. (Could be earlier)

Then any other title which has been announced May release this year.

WickedLester1398d ago

Admit it, without Halo and Forza MS would be such a non factor in this industry. Of the 3 consoles providers, MS is the one player that would be missed the least if they went away tomorrow.

Manic20141398d ago


I don't get some of you people. I stated a fact i get a bunch of disagrees. Yet BitbyDeath states an inaccurate statement and yet fanboys flock him with agrees.


I've supported all three console brands since the day i started gaming. Halo is one of the biggest franchises out there. That does not mean MS only provides games of Halo, Forza, Gears; as how many fanboys have stated on N4G. The same can be said for Sony. Without their biggest franchises Sony could also be a non factor in the industry. But the fact is they are not. Both provide games of different genres. That was heavily shown during the 360 and Xbox era for MS and PS1, PS2, PS3 era for Sony. Difference is Sony is much more consistent in providing. After 09 when Mattrick joined as the head of Xbox, that was when Xbox games began to watered down. Things look to change this time around. Games coming from the Xbox corner seem to be reigniting what made the OG Xbox one of the best consoles (my opinion) and Sony will be consistent as always.

If you still think Xbox will bring "no games of value" into the industry, then you may want to rethink what actually makes you a gamer.

KiRBY30001398d ago

you're getting disagrees because you act like Tomb Raider and Ori and the Blind Forest are X1 exclusives when we all know they are not.

you quote the message you are replying to "They have no games until October/November" yet the points you made prove that very statement.

ScreamRide is not AAA (also it's releasing on 360)
Fable Legends has no release date yet (and it's on PC)
State of Decay is not AAA and is a port of a year old game

so, BitbyDeath is right. the X1 has no AAA exclusive game for the whole year then it has the usual Halo and Forza releases.

thelwebb1001398d ago

Also don't forget about Cuphead and Quantum Break. I will buy both consoles because I want Uncharted 4 on release. The Sony fanboys are ridiculous though, honestly there are only a couple AAA games coming out on in 2015 so I could careless about a ton of indies.

skratchy1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Wait, Halo 5 and Tomb Raider are coming out before October? Do you have some sort exclusive knowledge no one else has? We all know Tomb Raider won't be an Xbone exclusive and, not to be one of those guys, but who cares about Halo anymore? Is Microsoft just hoping they can ride that train forever?

Manic20141398d ago

At no time did i state those games will release before October. Read my comment clearly and then make a statement. All i'm insinuating is that those games will be exclusive to Xbox. Even though one of them is a timed (not yet confirmed for PS4). Many fanboy's state 2015 is dead for Xbox, it's only true if you hate a brand which you don't support.

"not to be one of those guys, but who cares about Halo anymore"

Millions of fans.

ocelot071398d ago

@Manic2014. I agree with 1 or 2 bits of what you have said. But I don't agree with the last part.

"Many fanboy's state 2015 is dead for Xbox, it's only true if you hate a brand which you don't support"

Personally for me Xbox is dead in 2015 the way it's looking so far. I had a XB1 early 2014 and sold it after 3-4 months. Don't get me wrong the system was fine. I simply got it for the exclusives. Which didn't turn out all that great (dead rising and ryse both came to PC).

When I sold it I planned on buying one around summer time of 2015. But looking at the exclusive list there is just noting other than Forza 6. At this rate for me at least its looking until 2016 when Gears of War comes out when I go and buy a XB1 again.

srd44841398d ago

dont worry about the disagrees. Sony fans forget that it's been many months since Sony released a big exclusive. When was the last one fanboys? How quick they forget.

Kratos0Ace1398d ago

Ok. Let's go ver this.

Screamride is an Indie (X360 and Xbox One)
Ori and the blind forest (X360, PC and Xbox One)
Rise of the Tomb Raider (Timed exclusive)
Fable Legends (PC and Xbox One)

The only true exclusives are Forza 6 and Halo 5.

The PS4 on the other hand has the following AAA permanent exclusives:

The Order 1886
MLB 15
Until Dawn
Tearaway Unfolded
Uncharted 4
Persona 5
Disgaea 5

kingPoS1398d ago

Forza 6 already! Damn... MS should at least give it a year and a half wait. We've all seen what happened to Assasin's Creed.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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brotherlymoses1399d ago

Design and games. They should really redesign the Xbox one and make it much much slimmer. They should also focus on having better exclusives, exclusives is the main reason the PS3 caught up last gen.

TheCommentator1398d ago

Both consoles are ugly. One looks like it should be under your tires to stop your car rolling away, the other looks like a 90's vcr.

Lennoxb631399d ago

Nothing against the PS4. Its an amazing console. But this is what I think. PS4 was sort of the safe console this generation. It didn't stray too far away from what people are used to. They just gave it more power and a few controller modifications. Nothing too out the way like what the X1 did. The X1 went for something more than just a more powerful gaming system than its predecessor. They went for the multimedia, multitasking, DRM, the cloud, etc. Gamers aren't quick to move from one thing to another so quick.

hasamalaha1399d ago

Uh Xbox can't do much more than ps4.

Lennoxb631399d ago

It does a lot more than the PS4. Although the PS4 has the most common features that gamers are more accustomed to.

N81399d ago

I agree it does do a lot of things, but when I want to game I pick up that ps4 controller.

martinezjesus19931399d ago

@Lennoxb63, I have both and no, the xbox one doesnt do much more than a ps4. Infact as much as i loved my Xbox for the first 6 months, I haven't touched it since November

KiRBY30001398d ago

Xbox does more BS. that's about it.

"DRM, the cloud" lol is this guy for real?

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LamerTamer1399d ago

It is too bad there are a bunch of other devices that do those things. Many TVs have media stuff built in then there are all of the pads, smartphones, PCs, Apple TV, Roku, etc. that do "cloud" and "multimedia".

I guess people wanted a game console to be more focused on, you know, games.

JorboTron1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

And phones should be focused on being phones...?

What is wrong with something that plays games and does more. If it still plays games why is that a negative?

Xbox has done a lot for Console gaming
Xbox live
Xbox live arcade- downloadable titles
Netflix on tv
Fps working with a gamepad.

You can hate all you want but saying xbox brings nothing to gaming is just ignorant and childish.

PS has its strengths and MS has theirs. Buy both and have fun.

nunley331398d ago

I agree i have a Roku and my PS3 still so that covers my media needs. I remember the ps3 was missing these features at release too like notifications and other handy features. The PS4 will get more more media options added this year and in the next. @JorboTron ROFLMAO Fps working with a gamepad , netflix are not MS innovations.

LamerTamer1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


Yes if the phone part of phones was crappy but had allot of apps it would not sell as well.

"What is wrong with something that plays games and does more. If it still plays games why is that a negative? "

Because it doesn't play games as well due to weaker GPU and more overhead for OS. It usually has lower framerates lower resolutions, lower texture detail, foliage, and lighting on multiplatform games.

Xbox has done a lot for Console gaming?

Xbox didn't invent console internet gaming, it was done all of the way back to the Dreamcast which did it first.

Microsoft wanted to do even more for console gaming including online only, daily check-ins so they could go through your stuff and then give you permission to play your own games, limit used games and all kinds of other DRM crap. They wanted a mandatory camera watching and listening while connected online (hackers and the NSA would have LOVED that). No thanks, gaming would have been just fine without Xbox.

MysticStrummer1399d ago

It's not because PS4 is safe and XB1 is too forward thinking. XB1 does things people don't need because they already have other devices that do those things.

"Gamers aren't quick to move from one thing to another so quick."

Sorry but the last few generations tell a very different story. PS2 dominated everywhere, then Wii set the sales charts on fire while PS3 struggled to get into 2nd place as the 360 won North America by a pretty comfortable margin. Now WiiU is struggling to stay relevant while PS4 is dominating and XB1 seems set for a distant 2nd place.

Lennoxb631399d ago

The X1 being too forward thinking is the same thing as it not being the safe console. Lots of problems come from forward thinking devices. Gamers aren't quick to move from one thing to another because all other types of media have moved past physical content. Blu Rays are the only exception, and still then more people are digitally downloading. We also took two generations to move from standard definition tvs. The PS3 was a forward thinking machine by the way. So you just proved my point. Wii caught the attention of casuals, much like the phone/tablet market. Wii U is struggling because it is too much money for what its offering.

MysticStrummer1399d ago

PS3 was hard to work with, causing lesser multi plats much of the time for the first few years, and it was substantially more expensive. That's why people didn't jump to adopt it, not because it was too forward thinking.

Gamers are as quick to move from one thing to another as any other consumer. When something catches their fancy, they go for it regardless of the tech involved. Price is a bigger factor, and perceived value for that money, not the degree of forward thinking involved. Regardless, MS went a little cheap on the gaming aspects of their gaming console, then charged more than it's more powerful competitor, while touting features people either didn't want at all or could already do with other devices. You may call that forward thinking. A lot of people would call it bad business.

WickedLester1398d ago


I have both systems and while I appreciate the TV integration with the X1, it's the PS4 that I feel is the more "forward thinking" console. Aside from the superior hardware design, the PS4 has features like Shareplay, Remote Play, PS Now, etc that I think make the PS4 a much more "forward thinking" console in the area where it counts the most which is gaming. Even the controller has more "forward thinking" features like built in motion sensing, glide pad, controller speaker, share button, etc. Also the UI on PS4, while simpler in its design, I feel is much more intuitive and highly functional than the X1's clunky tile system. I just appreciate Sony's gaming-focused console design more than MS' all in one "jack-of-all-trades/maste r of none" multimedia machine.

madpuppy1398d ago

What you said is only half of the story, MS tried to take control of the gaming industry with its poorly implemented DRM scheme, They tried to wrestle ownership rights from the consumer and turn console gaming into a nightmare of poorly thought out rules and barriers to what you can and cannot do with the game you purchased.

They are still reeling from that nightmare as well as making the decision to build a weaker system where more resources are used to run non gaming related features of the console.

granted, they have slowly been dismantling all the cruft and putting that power back to running games so they can compete with the PS4's pinpoint plan to provide a system that caters to the games first and foremost. (why gaming consoles are bought for in the first place)