SSSS - New Skin Technique - Can Be Added to All Engines with Ease, Can Run On "Pretty Much Anything"

DSOGaming writes: "Back in January, we shared a video showcasing a new subsurface scattering technique called Separable Subsurface Scattering (SSSS). Karoly Zsolnai who is among the people behind this new skin technique got in touch with us and revealed some new information about it."

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DarkOcelet1033d ago

Thats good to know and its also free so its amazing.

eyeDEVOUR1033d ago

looks really nice.. its more realistic than the suburst colored nathan drake pics that were shown a day or so ago...

Kingdomcome2471033d ago

This looks great, but no matter what the eyes will always betray character models. We just can't recreate them properly. We can do the eye perfectly, but it's the life behind the eye that will always be missing.

ChronoJoe1033d ago

I think that's an exaggeration. It won't always be missing. We will get there, without a doubt, we will get to the point where both environment, and biological aspects of a scene look indistinguishable from reality.

TheCommentator1033d ago

I'm surprised with the efficiency of the coding for the given effect. That it fits on a business card? Mind. Blown.

dcbronco1033d ago

Which kinda makes those can't do this or that on this equipment arguments moot. Elegant design always finds a way. Though small minds will always doubt.

ChickeyCantor1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Or if you have actually worked with code; keeping your algorithms compact and your code clean isn't as easy as you might think. Especially when you're doing new stuff.

There are a plethora of scientist, this doesn't mean all of them will have world changing breakthroughs.

"Though small minds will always doubt."

Said the one not seeing the irony.

dcbronco1032d ago

Chickey can't read. Because my comment was saying that while many go on about console A or B can and can't do this or that, smart people will find a way to get more with less. Just like AMD APUs will show more in the mainstream as more programs are designed to work in parallel. It's like when guys like Carmack say there is so much more room to grow in older equipment when you develop new methods.

mixelon1033d ago

The video of this in action is really impressive. Anything that stops high res character skins from looking like leather/sandpaper is a good thing. :D

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