The Order: 1886 Retail Packaging

Game Usagi took pictures of their review copy so you can see what The Order: 1886's retail packaging and disc look like.

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ArchangelMike1374d ago

Lucky sods! :) When does the Review embargo drop? Mind you I'm getting this game regardless of reviews, I just want to know when to go on media blackout. My hype level has reach saturation point, and I'm begining to get too many spoilers.

DigitalRaptor1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Embargo is like 3pm on Thursday I think.

I'm not worried about reviews either, outside of how I think the double standards will come out in a tour de force. I've already accepted that, and based on all the early impressions from those who have got early copies, it obviously going to be a fantastic game with solid, fun gameplay mechanics, lots of diversity, and a story/characterisation rivalled only by The Last of Us.

And those visuals... oh boy those visuals.
And those sounds... oh boy those sounds. =)

@ Allsystemgamer

OH BOY!!! All I've heard from those who got it early is positive things. Thanks for the early impressions dude.

Allsystemgamer1373d ago

I got it last night. It's really good. The gameplay is tight and satisfying. I've gotten past all the events they've shown. The halfbreed fight they showed at e3 was really intense. You're in for a treat if you pick it up

MrMiyamoto1374d ago

Embargo doesn't lift until Feb. 19th.

Aloy-Boyfriend1374d ago

What is the name of the next Zelda game Mr. Miyamoto? I'm tired of saying Zelda U

Jaqen_Hghar1373d ago

He's not great at English you gotta ask him like this

Misutā Miyamoto kon'nichiwa. Zeruda ga akiraka ni sa reru no toki ni watashitachiha namae o kitai dekimasu ka?

KillerPwned1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

50GB Install sh!t I'm half tempted to put a 2TB in my PS4 now been deleting stuff so much lately.

EDIT: That cover art looks so pretty!