Gears Of War 2: Awesome New Features Revealed

A recent GearHeads podcast has revealed some amazing new features of Epic's blockbuster in the making, Gears Of War 2. Along with an epic (pardon the pun) multi-player match between Cliffy B's team and the GearHeads crew, in-depth discussions reveal:

How using the new grenades work (Sticking them to anything, stun effects, etc.)

Hear how the Scorcher treats opponents like a cigarette.

How Gears 2 feels compared to the original.

The Locust shield can be used to decapitate opponents.

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Shaka2K63606d ago

Game looks just like gears of war 1, it lacks the WOW factor to be GOTY like MGS4 or R2.

fenderputty3606d ago

be tough considering GTA4 and MGS4 had 10's tossed at it like they were going out of style.

I do think Gears is going to kick major ass though.

Tommy Vercetti3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Certainly a top candidate. No other shooter this year comes close. I do agree with "fenderputty" It might go to Gta4 or MGS4.

Monchichi0253606d ago

Gotta love how Sony fans come in here and "TRY" mention Resistance and Killzone in the same breath as Gears when they know realistically they have no form of arguement besides fanboy dreams. LOL

Resistance was never even considered or talked about for GOTY in 06 or even came close to selling as many copies even tho it was bundled in Europe. Decent game but no one outside of a fanboy would even put them in the same catagory.

Killzone. I'll admit it looks good, but we have been down this road before. The original Killzone was a HUGE disappointment and got low scores accross the board. But like I said, this one might be pretty good.

So before I get all these disagrees from Sony fans, PLEASE give me some solid facts or trends that will dispute my arguement. Till then, just accept the fact that Gears is better. That is why it's always higher on everyones most wanted lists. And that my friends is a cold hard FACT!!!

DJtyler3606d ago

Most of what you said is correct. I am a PS3 owner but I am willing to admit Gears of War was better than Resistance Fall of Man. But both sequels are looking amazing and I think to call one better than the other before all is said and done would be premature.

Mozilla893606d ago

Well of course Resistance wasn't going to win game of the year. The PS3 wasnt even out when Gears came out. No launch game is going to win game of the year. Gears was better than Resistance one because people had a longer time to work with the 360.

The argument and the reason why a lot of people feel Resistance 2 will be better is that the two are on more equal footing now. It seems that Resistance 2 has many major changes from the prequel as opposed to Gears of War 2 which will be better than the first but it's not doing something that we haven't seen before like Resistance is.

Altis13606d ago

This can't be GOTY 08 because you can't play as a sterile old man with back problem who hides in cardboard boxes and prefers to fondle a man's genitalia while thinking he is a pirate. ARRRRG! Oh crap, my back!

Altis13606d ago

Halo: CE did when it was released.

Mozilla893606d ago

Isn't Halo:CE? Isn't that for Halo PC?

mistertwoturbo3606d ago

Gears 2 is going to kick ass, be bigger, badder, and more badass than the original. But GOTY 2008, don't know about that one.

Besides, this whole "GOTY" award is pretty pointless, considering many different sources and outlets will have they're own GOTY awards.

xm15e2s3606d ago

"This can't be GOTY 08 because you can't play as a sterile old man with back problem who hides in cardboard boxes and prefers to fondle a man's genitalia while thinking he is a pirate. ARRRRG! Oh crap, my back!"


Mozilla893606d ago

yeah really though, like the guy above me said, alot of people have their own GOTY awards so i doesn't really matter I'm sure GTA, MGS4, Gears, and R2 will all win one somewhere.

PS3n3603606d ago

Halo CE is for Combat evolved. Was it really a launch title on the xbox though? I thought it came out a little while later. cant remember but its the reason I bought the original xbox and probably why I bought the 360. Its Gears that will keep me a slave to xbox in general though. Resistance 1 is a pretty crappy game though. I havent finished it and its the only game I have for my ps3 right now. Now before I get disagrees I will state why. the weapons sound like a 70's science fiction b movie. I like heavy machine gun sounds. To each his own I guess.

Mozilla893606d ago

Well no problem, thanks for reminding me for what the CE stood for, there was a special download for Halo PC i think called CE and I though it stood for custom edition. It allowed users to make maps and stuff, but its along time ago so I might be wrong.

I think if Halo didn't come out on launch it came out really close to it. The whole point I was trying to make was that comparing a second generation xbox game to a first generation ps3 game is not equal. That being said I can understand why you feel Resistance 1 is terrible, I guess its not for everyone. Or you might have played too much COD4.

andyo133606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

does anyone else think they copied and pasted the files from the last game and rearanged it and said wolla gears of war 2!

no h8ing tho, i loved gow1

This is gow not goty

u got owned3605d ago

My GOTY Contenders are;


Between all of this games above i think MGS4 will take the crown. The game is just to good in all aspects. MGS4 game of the year followed by GeOW2. I think GTA4 is a good game but is a little overrated.

What about Fable 2? This game is shaping up very good. We'll see.

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kewlkat0073606d ago

"You can now get headshots with the Torque Bow. The bow will actually decapitate the head and stick it to the nearest wall until it explodes."

I don't know but I rather it stick to someones head and watch it Explode in all the glory...

tick tick BOOM!!

can't wait.

Nevers3606d ago

..if you get the shot to take the head off and another player is in the trajectory of said "head-grenade", if it'll stick into that living player and kill him... OMG that would be crazy would definitely be clip-worthy.

Mozilla893606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

You dare to express your opinion sir? I disagree! j/k that would be kind of of cool to watch.

Close_Second3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago ) be a huge seller for the 360. The original Gears of War for me was really the first next-gen game to hit the 360 with its detailed graphics, larger than life characters and in your face, unapologetic action. Sure the story was lacking but Gears of War was one hell of a ride that really made you happy to own an HD display.

Sony need something like this on the PS3. Ok, lets not get into the Uncharted debate as we all know it features some fantastic graphics however, it does not even come close to the gritty, R-rated action offered in Gears.

nycredude3606d ago

And the same can be said about the 360.

Xbox 360 needs a game like Uncharted. Gears had great graphics nut it doesn't even come close to the colorful, witty, fun blockbuster movie experience that is offered in Uncharted.

See what I did? For someone with an avatar like yours you sure sounded like a fanboy.

Close_Second3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

...The only similarity between Uncharted and Gears is the fact that they are both played from a 3rd person perspective and have a cover system. I have played through both and I have to admit that although Uncharted was fun I (repeat "I") did not find it as impressive overall as Gears.

You have to take into consideration that Uncharted is basically a game like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider but on next-gen steroids in terms of visuals. Gears to me felt like the kind of blockbuster game you had always wanted to play but hardware limitations prevented it from being possible. In terms of gameplay I can definitely see where they can make major improvements - and yes, the same can be said of Gears. Sure the characters were good and the story could have easily been used for National Treasure 2 (which probably would have made that a better movie) but Uncharted's gameplay did not even come close to being as "in your face" as Gears.

I must add that Uncharted did start to really knock my socks off once you got into the abandoned WWII U-Boat base where the lighting and scare factor really came into its own.

The great thing about not being a fanboy as you suggest, is that I get to play both gears and uncharted and I therefore feel I can make a better judgement than those that play one and just read about the other.

Finally, I get sick and tired of tossers on this site calling you a fanboy because you happen to like one game more than another. I did not put down Uncharted but merely pointed out that I bet Sony would love Gears of War (or something like it) on the PS3 and the fact that gears features what I believe to be more "gritty, R-rated action".

Oh actually, one last point. Given that sales for Halo 3, Gears of War, Bioshock and just about any other AAA title released on the 360 eclipse actual sales of Uncharted (no, I'm not counting copies bundled with the PS3 as sales) then I dare say that Sony would want "Gears" more than Microsoft would want "Uncharted".

mistertwoturbo3606d ago

Actually, reading Close Second's comment. He does not sound like a fanboy at all. He's actually right, the PS3 really doesn't have anything as gritty and R-Rated like Gears right now. UT3 doesn't count because it's multiplatform.

The only game I can think of that will be gritty, ruthless and bloody is God of War III. But we don't even know how that looks like yet.

kewlkat0073606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

I used to fall for that "You sound like A fanboy bait", sometimes it makes no difference what you say.

If your not praying/worshiping to one console over the other, your just a fanboy.

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Shaka2K63606d ago

Another big flop for xbug 180.

Bladestar3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

lol! flop? funny how you sony leg hupers have flops mixed with AAAs... in what way was Gears 1 a flop? It was game of the year, sold more than any game on the PS3 did or probably ever will...

let me guess.. Gears 1 was a flop and Haze and lair was not? you sony leg humpers are pathetic and already lost the ability to tell the difference between a flop and a AAA title...

call gears 2 wherever you want.. but it's guaranteed that this game will make any PS3 game sells look like poop... even if the game sells as good as the first (which will obviously do) your lovely PS3 wouldn't be able to match it. Hell not even Metal Gear got closed to this game.. regardless of the fact that it was the most anticipated PS3 game and the pS3 have a larger installbase than what the xbox 360 had when Gears 1 came out.

juuken3606d ago

Bladestar, I suggest holding off your ego inflated words until the game actually comes out.

GiantEnemyCrab3606d ago

haha then Killzone 2 must look like a dirty anus of an ass.

1Up Blow-0ut preview:

"The presentation and attention to detail are key. The game doesn't look as good as the 2005 trailer, naturally, but it looks close to as good as any other console shooter. We'd say that currently Gears of War tops it, and a few other titles are on the same visual level, but the game looks extremely nice."

Like Gears 1 owned all the PS3 titles, Gears 2 is coming back for seconds! How do you like your Chimera Bladestar chainsawed or curb stomped?

juuken3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Wow GiantEnemyTurd, as if you couldn't get any lower! Gears 2 might be the ONLY game selling on the 360 at a decent rate! Please do continue sucking the big c*ck!

Thoas3606d ago

Too human is a flop and Gears of war 1.5 looks the same as Unreal Tournament 3

Deadman643606d ago

hey juuken why don't you tell shaka to hold off on his comments as well?

Oh I know, your a hypocritical fanGIRL.

n00bzRtehgey3606d ago

no. cuz she's a worthless cunt rag.

AngryTypingGuy3605d ago

Juuken, if Shaka can call Gears 2 a flop, then Bladestar can say it's going to be awesome. Of course, we all know it's going to be awesome and a GOTY candidate. Only those who don't have a 360 are telling themselves over and over that it's going to be a flop. Correction, only those fanboys who don't have a 360 are telling themselves over and over that it's going to be a flop. Most normal people don't care.

poopface13605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

you come into every 360 story and bash. You reek of little jealous children. Face it, this game will be awsome, and the ps3 is not what it was supposed to be. im pretty sure sony didnt want to create crap.

LOL ^^^^ that aint a girl.

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