Just Got a New 3DS? Check Out These C-Stick Enabled Games

Did you get a New 3DS game and want to put that new C-Stick to use? Check out these games that utilize it already!

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Takwin1374d ago

I was skeptical of the nub, but it is amazing. This is a far bigger update to the 3DS than a lot of people realize.

1. The nub is amazing. It really will revolutionize 3DS gaming and allow them to virtual console all titles.

2. The 3D is holy shit good.

3. The processor is significantly faster and will benefit all users of any games, not just new exclusives.

4. If you have an existing 3DS, sell it and recoup most of the cos and upgrade for $30 or so.

harikaerif1373d ago

Where i live the upgrade costs 200 $ or so :( (Nintendo doesn't sell their stuff here so we have to either buy from amazon etc. or a used one)

3-4-51373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

The nub is awesome, I just honestly don't think some people comprehend how to use it properly.

Doesn't mean they're's just they need to figure it out.

DivineAssault 1373d ago

i think it works pretty well on a handheld.. Im really baffled that the new RE revelations isnt getting ported to the NEW 3DS.. Thats where the damn series started!

eworthington01373d ago

I love the nub too...
the 3d is fantastic.
I never used it on my xl.
now I don't turn it off, ever.
can not wait till xenoblade!