This is How DayZ Gamers Respond to Sexual Harrassment

Twinfinite writes: A girl is accosted during her playthrough of DayZ. It doesn't go well for the harassers.

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Docknoss1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Is it really sexually harassment? It's a game, even my wife thought this was Ignorant. When someone tea bags me, after a death. Playing any FPS, that could be considered sexual harassment. Is it? No because it's a game. Get over and stop making my hobby a political statement.

theshonen88991255d ago

Saying "Let's rape her" the moment you find out a player is a girl is wrong. Period.

SaveFerris1254d ago

Here's my take on it. It was a juvenile act by the dude but I admire the reaction to this by the other player which was to swat him with her broom and then execute him with a shotgun to the head. I meant nothing political by my statement but I found the video to be funny.

NioRide1255d ago

This is not news. This is advertising...

Anthotis1255d ago

DayZ players do some strange stuff to each other.

I'd imagine it's a pretty accurate representation of what would happen in a post-apocalyptic world, with all the crazies coming out to play.

DragoonsScaleLegends1255d ago

So it's fine to say let's kill and murder her in a virtual game but if they say jokingly rape in a virtual game these teens or kids are evil and harassed her? Sure if they were saying gross sexual acts or something similar that would be legit harassment but that didn't happen. God people need to get over what's said in comments and on mics in online games, words from kids you will never meet can't hurt you and there is a mute option for a reason which I'm a guy and I mute everyone anytime I play COD. Blame the mothers and fathers who can't raise their kids to not say this stuff.

heychrisfox1254d ago

At which point is "Let's rape her" not a gross sexual act?

DragoonsScaleLegends1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I meant going into detail like 'suck my you know what' or any specific sexual acts. Of course rape is horrific, disturbing, and gross. I'm just saying that if you are fine with someone saying let's kill or murder something in a game, saying rape is not much different when it comes to gaming specifically. But nonetheless it's all horrible things to say in the real world but in a game it's all fake so I don't see this as sexual harassment but bad manners and she should mute these kids/teens and the parents should teach their kids what not to say and joke about.

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