SNK Hints At New Garou: Mark of the Wolves Release

SNK Playmore may be working on a new Garou: Mark of the Wolves project. A special pre-Valentine's Day message seems to say so.

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gangsta_red1375d ago


I think it's pretty obvious that it will be ANOTHER re-re-release of the 1999 Mark of the Wolves for the new systems.

It's a crime I tell ya...

SNK sitting on a treasure box of awesome IP's and they just keep regurgitating the same ol school games on every platform over and over again.

New KoF and New Samurai Showdown Please!!!

dead_pixels1375d ago

Trust me man, I feel your pain. I've got the game sitting in my candy right next to me (still kicking myself in the ass for selling my homecart a few years back). But, you never know. SNK has surprised us a bit in the past, and there's no doubting any plans for SNK to keep the series relevant are good for gamers like us.

Hell, even an upscaled, 1080p port of MOTW would be a pretty glorious thing.

Either way, my fingers are crossed!

gangsta_red1375d ago

LMAO, I hear ya man. I think I have gotten Mark of the Wolves for every new system since the Dreamcast. And don't even get me started on Metal Slug X.

I would love for a new MoTW2, if they could make that game with Guilty Gear Xrd graphics I would be in hog heaven.

But yea...I'm hoping SNK can prove me wrong and actually do release a new Mark of The Wolves.

josephayal1375d ago

agree with you, We Gotta boycott SNK, New KOF and new Showdown NOW!

dead_pixels1375d ago

That's exactly what I was hoping for. SNKP proved me wrong with just how phenomenal KoF XIII was. Just imagine the case of MOTW redrawn in the same fashion!

Baka-akaB1375d ago

But the director of the game quitted , again ... so dont hold your breath .

And latest news pointed out to 3d games in the future . Hopefully , and at best something 2.d like Guilty Gear ... but i'm not optimistic

Kyosuke_Sanada1375d ago

Damn............King Of Fighters XIII is still favourite fighter thus far, it's a damn shame that we may never get a 2D Fighter with the same quality. I had my fingers crossed for a Samurai Showdown/Last Blade crossover with the same attention to detail.

Kal-V31375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

While i agree new SNK IP games should be made. (new SamShow for me too please, thank you) Garou on my Vita would be awesome!

Godmars2901375d ago

You're talking about a return to pixels, which is happening to a degree, but at an early to mid 90s level. At a level that's not really developed or changed from when it was "good", but nothing close to what was being promised prior to HD becoming a thing and pixels became too costly a tool.

Now the majority of games like KoF, unless its KoF, use Flash. Which is horrible.

dead_pixels1375d ago

I agree wholeheartedly. Hand-drawn sprites are a pricey commodity these days. Flash games do look gross IMO, but with the engine for KoF XIII done the framework for stunning new fighters is in place. The big question is does SNKP have the money? Here's hoping they've made a decent chunk off of all the recent ports they've churned out on PC, mobile, and other digital distribution networks.

gangsta_red1375d ago

Yes, as much as I would love a good KoF in HD pixels I know that is just not happening as you said due to high cost and also time.

Which is why I would love for SNK to take the Guilty Gear Xrd route which if I am not mistaken is 3D poly's using the Unreal engine. And that game looks gorgeous and has that Anime style I always loved SNK games for having.

I liked KoF XIII but they had a lot of pallet swapped characters (Vice, Mature, Clark, Ralph, Joe,...)I'm sure it had everything to do with being short on time.

I like SNK to throw their hat in with the big boys of the fighting genre. They more than deserve to be right up there with Blaz Blue, MK, and anything Capcom throws out.

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TheSuperior 1375d ago

Gosh that would be a dream come true. I would take it any way I could get it x)

tgunzz1375d ago

Please let it be true!! Lastblade would be awesome as well...

dead_pixels1375d ago

Now you're speaking my language. We still have pretty regular gatherings here for some serious LB and LB2 bouts. While I love Samurai Shodown, The Last Blade is definitely my favorite weapons-based fighter in SNK's stable.

Hoffmann1375d ago

I wish they would sell half of the IP's already if possible and make sequels for the rest.

Baka-akaB1375d ago

Depends who's purchasing the ip , and what they intend to do with it . If it's mediocre sequels , might as well let it rest decades or even die

hkgamer1375d ago

one of the greatest fighters around. i remember the sprites were amazing when it was first released. cant believe the game is so old, makes me feel even more older.