Can Lara Be Sexy? And Other Questions With Tomb Raider’s Writer


The daughter of legendary fantasy writer Terry Pratchett, Rhianna Pratchett has already built an impressive career giving voice to strong female characters in both games and comics. Pratchett has previous worked on titles like the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, Heavenly Sword, and Mirror's Edge. Now that she’s reuniting with Lara as a writer on Rise of the Tomb Raider, we took some time to chat with the prolific author about what happened to all of Lara’s wealth, why getting lost and frustrated should be part of a video gaming experience, and whether or not Lara is a little crazy.

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qwerty6761376d ago

isnt that the whole appeal of the game for people?

Yi-Long1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Yes and no. Lara has always been an attractive woman in the games, so I doubt they'll change that.

However, the focus has always been on her LOOKS, so her boobs and behind and super model figure.

Right now, they seem to be going for something a bit more 'realistic', although obviously you'd have to be in physically great shape to go through the adventuring she goes through. So yeah, she's going to have a very fit body, and she's young, so that usually means she'll be an attractive woman.

Also, she's smart, adventurous, a bit of a tomboy, and she can take care of herself. All of which I find sexy/attractive in a woman :)

The main appeal of the game is still the gameplay though. Even though the media (and the marketing) has always focussed on how Lara LOOKS, the reason the games became popular in the first place were because they were very good and entertaining games, gameplay-wise. And luckily they brought that original quality back with the recent reboot.

ps4gamer19831376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

The thing I miss about the "old" Lara is that she was stone-cold. Now she's a saint. Yeah she kills, but is often the victim now. A victim fighting against "oppressive" men.

I want to see female villains too. And I want Lara to retain some of that bad-ass attitude she had before (New Lara certainly is bad-ass, but I mean that I liked how Old Lara was somewhat "dark" in her mysterious intentious to loot tombs). Kind of like a Breaking Bad type of transformation, blending the old Lara with the New. Forget the oversexualization crap. Forget sex. Just bring back the notion that Lara is a greedy mo-fo at the end of the day who wants prized treasures--just like the old Lara and how Nathan Drake is too. Why the hell else would one steal treasures for a living? If she just wants to look at artifacts and know ancient civilization histories, then she would go with a whole crew of experts to these islands in the sequel instead of going alone. Make her moee 3 dimensional in character, instead of using the boring, victimizing "underdog female" tropes we see in the media lately.

Ripsta7th1376d ago

She is still young
Her heart is on the frozen path

DarkOcelet1376d ago

Lara has always been sexy and badass since the first iteration of the series. I dont know why she cant be sexy and badass at the same time now. And also Camilla Luddington, her VA is very beautiful too.


DragonbornZ1376d ago

Do you not see those lips?

1376d ago
bjshepp1376d ago

That's some impressive facial work.

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