10 Highly Entertaining Video Games for Children

MyGameMag: It is too difficult to make a list of 10 highly entertaining video games for children. When we take a look at the “all time favorite video games” then the list is far from completion. Considering the extremes, features, and graphics, we want to exalt those games that have provided the players with emotionally narrative and funny experience. I must say that with the passage of time the video games keep on getting better. Check these very amazing games that provide the children with unlimited entertainment.

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SaveFerris1375d ago

Interesting list with some R-rated games for 'children'?

BC_Master_Haze1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

You never played GTA with your big bro or at a friend's house? Technically I was still a 'child' when I played all those R rated games, they're the best ones on the list but I've been looking at antichamber, it was a dollar on the humble store a while back. (I'm pretty young, but no longer a minor)

SaveFerris1374d ago

When I was a child the only Adult games were Custer's Revenge and later Strip Poker games on PC. I just meant that it isn't strictly age appropriate for children (those under 18) to play COD, GTA or Bioshock Infinite. I thought the list was going to be Bubble Bobble, Sonic and more Mario games etc.

Amorist891374d ago

Wonder how this contradictory piece got approved….

Geekman1374d ago

Dog Island.

Just.... watch the Game Grumps play it all the way.