If You Like These 5 Games You’ll Love Evolve

Sometimes it's difficult to decide whether or not a game is for you. Here's a list to help you decide if you should pick up a shiny copy of Evolve.

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TheSuperior 1398d ago

I can definitely see similarities in Left 4 Dead and Evolve. I really didn't think about it until now but I can see where that's coming from.

ChronoJoe1398d ago

I would hope you'd see some similarities, since Turtlerock made both games.

PlayableGamez1398d ago

Evolve = DLC galore. Don't care I hope this game fails.

Scottyxboxoneandps41398d ago

See your another one that's Blind just following the crowd. Shame.

Bhuahahaha1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

and your the other reason thats why we got this kind of dlc practices now.

BoNeSaW231398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

PlayableGamez is not blind?

"Evolve = DLC galore" is absolutely True!

Turtle rock has been talking about DLC before screenshots of the game were even released and every opportunity since!

Gamers are fed up with developers saying "Look at all the content we are showering our fans with!" When they're REALLY just pissing all over us!

So pardon the wiser gamers for being disgusted with the large amount of "Options" being offered in evolve. But if your still confused on which way you wanna get F*****! Here's a bar graph AND a digital purchase breakdown for you, compliments of Turtle rock. How thoughtful of them!

strauser3601398d ago

If you feel the need to justify the purchase of a game you bought, its not a good game.

strauser3601397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Thanks for sending this to my inbox scotty lol. if you have something to say just say it here.

Scottyxboxoneandps4 1h ago
I don't feel the need to justify anything. If I thought it was a bad game then I would say so if I bought it or not. Just keep following the crowd buddy and we will never have anything new and fresh to play. U guys are killing gaming and you don't even realise it.

How am I 'killing gaming" though? Because I dont buy a new game every week? sorry but I can wait until something good is coming out even if it takes years but luckily bloodbourne comes out soon.

P.S. I wasn;t really referring to you in the first place I was kind of just making an obvious statement, but I'm glad it pissed you off, it just means im right, since your on n4g trying to defend the game instead of just enjoying it.

Elit3Nick1397d ago

Why do you people act like everyone who buys the game buys all the DLC? I won't buy any DLC and that won't change how the game plays for me.

@Strauser So someone who didn't buy the game is trying to tell tsomeone who bought the game that it's not good, seems legit...

strauser3601397d ago

How do you figure I haven't bought the game? I never made any comment referring to that.

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jasonpugh1398d ago

If you love running in circles chasing a monster then this is your game. I've yet to play one fun and fulfilling round in this otherwise terrible game. It's absolutely trash. I want my money back.

Scottyxboxoneandps41397d ago

@ jasonpugh
So your still running around in circles looking for the monster? Never crossed your mind to try and cut it off? What about the hunter abilities to try and trap or track the monster?
That's the problem with gamers nowadays, don't like to think about what they need to do,just wanna pick up and play easy as say cod?
I fear were gonna be stuck with the same shit year after year with these people above who just miss the point completely. No hope.

dcj05241397d ago

Your not very good at the game if all you're doing is running in circles.

TheLastColossus1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Too many lies....

skyrim1398d ago

It's funny how the comment sections of every evolve post turns into a bash fest lol. The game is amazingly fun if you have four people to play and coordinate with, if the dlc is not for you DON'T BUY IT! But people saying the game is trash might turn gamers who would enjoy the game off to it, and in my opinion that's the worst part about all the bashing.

Scottyxboxoneandps41397d ago

Totally agree fella. The sad truth is many of these guys have probably not even played the game and are just turned off by all the dlc stuff that's been whipped up over nothing. It's a choice at the end of the day. So it's ok for call of duty to do it but not evolve? We really are still in the call of duty era still and its a damn shame.

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