Evolve’s DLC structure is ridiculous. This trend needs to stop

PS4Daily: "Evolve may be the beginning. A few years from now, this might become a trend. Just as gamers were pissed off about season passes in the beginning, eventually, we accepted it."

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DarkOcelet1372d ago

I still cant believe people accepted season passes. I don't and will never accept the plague that is called DLC into this industry. This $hit suppose to be free. People already pay 60$ for a full game. They shouldn't pay more.

Scottyxboxoneandps41371d ago

It's the world we live in uNfortunatley. But that said I don't agree with people totally abandoning the game over it. It's really doing nothing different to anyother game but with free maps to come.

dreamed1371d ago

Evolve is just the final nail in the coffin imo.

They've done nothing that hasnt been done b4,its just timing by the looks of it.

Ppl are starting to have enough of feeling ripped off and are finally starting to vote with there wallets.

Like i said its nothing new,just that we've started to wake up to shitty practices.

aksmashh1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Why is there so much hate on this game??????

Every article there's a bunch people saying the same sh.....

I used to come on here for people opinions who played the game not people who never had any intention of buying it

scousetomo1371d ago

all these companys as of late are raping there fans look at all the stuff that is in all games i dont mind paying for a cod season pass as im getting 4 new map packs threw the year keeps the game fresh but the likes of gun skins and extra gun slots is just to much maybe with evolve they have been unlucky alot of people have woke up to it i cant see it changing nowt