Adventures of Pip Hands-on Preview: Pixel Perfect | Entertainment Buddha

EB: "Pip is set to make his debut on Steam’s Early Access sometime this March, with plans to release in full this May for the PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U platforms. Pricing will be modest at $15, which is well worth the joy and nostalgia this game can bring into your life. Older gamers with kids should also plan on snagging Adventures of Pip to show their burgeoning young gaming enthusiasts what games used to be like when the home console craze kicked off over 35 years ago. This game truly epitomizes the Indie movement, and it’s a testament to the passion these developers have to set off on their own and create the games that make them happy. There’s something to be said about marrying work with your passions, so TicToc Games has definitely embraced this life lesson and produced a piece of moving art because of it."

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tacotruck1375d ago

I'm liking the way Pip is looking